Passenger: A Divinely Inspired Comedy in 13 Books

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Then he told me that homosexuality made him uncomfortable. This set in my mind a perfect dichotomy between heaven and hell, and I sat down to write a short story. It wound up being a long story. It took a while longer to type it into the computer — and then there was editing, and then overcoming mental blocks about publishing, etc. Perhaps it could be called surrealistic fiction, or spiritual fiction. Maybe even philosophy or thoughtful horror. The reader is provided with an opportunity to consider that constructs are subject to human whim, and that things we see as common can sometimes be seen in new ways.

Or, for that matter, old ways if one considers something like the one chapter book of Obadiah in the Hebrew Bible.

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Never mind several thousand years of conventional wisdom. Does Bigstyck think that it is the simple things, such as boarding a bus, that perhaps carry our most important messages? On Saturday, Oct. Please support your hometown newspaper with a subscription! Mail subscriptions are at a higher rate. For rates and information, please contact Circulation Manager Marcus Scofield at or , by email at mscofield bayareanewsgroup , or by fax By Jean Bartlett Pacifica Tribune.

Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. Aspi is currently the Vice President of the Association of College Principals in Bombay and an active member on the board of directors of two other educational institutions. I look forward to his next novel with anticipation of yet another spiritual journey filled with insights and the human condition.

I am happy to recommend this work. Yoiu can order a copy via; www. It is worth the time to peruse the web site, a wealth of talented authors, good books, free e-books and articles covering many genres and topics. Reviewed by; Jan Porter. Executor of Mercy, by E. This book ought to be in all schools! Alcid Moose Enterprise www. A small bush plane crashes in the bush leaving the Native pilot dying and a 10 year old passenger, to adapt and survive in the wilderness.

The story intertwines with both new and seasoned rescuers who must also come to terms with their own mortality and personal challenges. The characters face the devastating madness of rabies, bush fever, mortality, and personal challenges. The story is well written, has good character development and flows at an enjoyable pace. It would make a fabulous movie. I would highly recommend this book to schools and adults alike.

With the first edition, Jan chose to forgo consideration by a large corporate publishing house in order to maintain the integrity of those who contributed to the book, using recycled materials. Reviewed by; Whale Publications. I simply could not put it down. It moves and flows gracefully. It balances humour with real life adversities and introduces the reader to unknown sub cultures.

One night, Old Bob sees a live Ichthyosaur out in the bay and decides to catch it. The story is told by Old Bill and is often humourous as it inadvertently explores life in a rural community and what it means to be old. The story is deeply moving as Bob ultimately transcends a number of adversities, including his own mortality, to become a local legend in his own right.

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In this first novel, John has demonstrated the ancient art of storytelling! When I drive on the rural back roads, I see the old farm where Bill resides. When I drive in my own small rural town, we too, have a bank bench where the old boys gather. I am certain that this novel is a classic! I want the DVD for my personal collection. Review by; Jan Porter. Spiritual Artist: d. Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist traditions, she designs mandalas as an artistic representation of individual's soul sacred geometry.

Symbols intended to provide guiding principles for personal wholeness, balance, inspiration and healing. Her love of nature, landscapes and Spirituality is captured in her work. She also uses her visions of colour and texture in home interior design, crafts and multimedia. She uses vibrant colour ranges and a variety of brush strokes to obtain imagery impact while maintaining an underlying sense of form and contour. As a youngster, DJ was fascinated with the changing interplay of colour and light, and passionately set about recreating the imagery of her surroundings. Attending Catholic public school, DJ was initially exposed to and began to explore the significance of religious iconic pictures, at first focussing upon Christian symbols as typified in pre-Renaissance and Renaissance art, but later expanding her exploration to that of the religious and spiritual symbols of many diverse cultures.

Soon after, she left Ontario to teach in the Northwest Territories, Nunavit where she resided for some six years, eventually returning to Ontario to resume her teaching and art profession there. During her years residing in the breathtaking landscape of Great Slave Lake, DJ fine-tuned her natural impressionistic painting style. She blended her love and art and her love of teaching and currently teaches Art at Grey Highlands High School where she inspires students to envision their inspirations into an art form.

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Presently, DJ resides in Windsor, Ontario, where she devotes her time to her art, spiritual philosophies and family. For more information, contact Jan Porter via this site. The story is filled with insights on how people find themselves in object poverty presented in a way that we can all relate to in some capacity. It is an intensely personal journey of the soul. The story is one defining day in the life of Maggie Campbell, where external and internal pressures demand change in order for her and her family to survive.

She is a rural wife and mother of three children from a middle class family who has now found themselves in object poverty and marital discord. Maggie ventures out into the storm in a broken down car, a near empty gas tank and with her two young daughters to seek out help with no money in hand. The story gives a first hand account of the realities of the poverty experience within an affluent country.

John Britt has a gift of bringing us into the world of un-sung heroes, hidden journeys and sub-cultures in a way that moves the reader along their own personal soul journey. The life of a rural farm family after the turn of the century was, and often still is, a life of adversity and labourous connection to the land. The reader gets a rare and special first hand glimpse into a unique era and rural technology. This book will be a good time capsule for many years too come. The reader experiences first-hand the difficult process of navigating the system and their personal journeys.

Hanks intelligent insights and observations about the judicial system could be used as a good framework for prison reform. Hanks shares their personal journey in trying to come to terms with their choices and conditions. Her documentation as a struggling single working mother and that of her inmate husband is both candid and intimate as they grasp for survival and hope of a future life after incarceration.

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I hope Hanks will continue with an epilogue to this book and I look forward to reading more works from this promising writer. By: Jan Porter. The reader journeys along with Dr. The reader experiences first hand strange lands with strange people and distasteful customs that Lowry eventually embraces. We live the battles and spoils of war and piracy. Lowry includes his anecdotal personal perspectives on war and foreign cultures.

Lowry had written the memoir and sent it to his brother the Rev. Jn Lowry in , as correspondence. At times, the idiosyncrynistic writing style of Dr. A fascinating read! I highly recommend this book. This is a remarkable tale of an animal whose saucy personality brought joy and wonder to the lives of countless people.

The remarkable tale of an animal whose saucy personality brought joy and wonder to the lives of countless people. Lyn was born and raised in West Australia, hitchhiked through Africa, taught school in Australia, England and Canada, got a few degrees, was saved from further academia by staying in Canada to spend a decade raising seals, raccoons, cougars, bears, apes, and sundry other creatures which eventually populated the pages of books such as the classic, There's a Seal in My Sleeping Bag.

For the last three decades, she has been wandering alone with a camera, notebook and backpack through the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, and recording her experiences in thousands of magazine and newspaper articles, and over a dozen books. Full-time Author, Naturalist, Photojournalist, Lecturer, Photographer and Filmmaker since , has had 18 books and many thousands of articles published in newspapers and magazines around the world.

She is a well-published, award-winning writer and photographer, a highly-recommended, captivating speaker, an inspiring, widely-experienced teacher, a member of the British Columbia College of Teachers and, according to a spokesman for the Board of Education in the City of North York, "an extraordinary person. For much of the past four decades, she has wandered alone with camera, notebook and backpack through northern British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Her stories are incredible but true, even when she writes other people's stories as in Tell Me, Grandmother, the history of the Livingston family, the first settlers in Calgary.

Her stories and presentations bring people and nature together - and change lives. Curious, enthusiastic and energetic, she enjoys living and communicating in words and pictures her first love; the outdoors, wildlife, native peoples, and exploring the remote places of the planet. Lyn is renowned because her work is well-researched, lively, personal, interesting and makes her audiences feel they "are there.

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Northwest Territories. Toronto: Grolier Limited, Looking for the Wild. Toronto: Doubleday Canada Ltd. Winging It in the North. Lantzville, B. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, There's a Seal in My Sleeping Bag. Toronto: HarperCollins Canada Ltd. Grant demonstrates knowledge of paranormal and extraterrestrial theories in this fast-paced futuristic apocalyptic adventure.

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I had difficulty getting through this one. At times, I questioned why this story was included in the collection and used as a prelude to the other shorts. However, upon conclusion, I do see potential here, were the author to focus greater attention to character development. Joseph: In this enjoyable story, Paul takes the reader on a candidly human journey into the future. This writer shows promise.

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Armen addresses the apocalyptic theme in a unique way, following the thoughts of an old woman and the final thoughts of the pilot prior to impact. Armen knows how to write! The story follows the main character as he yearns for and gradually develops the ability to manifest true magic in order to satisfy his skeptical audiences.