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He is a boy of deep feeling, deeper than he even understands, as he has no knowledge of the Force.

Master of The Jinn: A Sufi Novel

Though we see him triumphant, we see him also prone to anger, retaliation, and quick action—all key aspects of his future self, Darth Vader. Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith had yet to be created in , and it is utterly fascinating that Terry Brooks was given license, in some small way, to assert that even as a boy, Anakin Skywalker was already Darth Vader. Qui-Gon serves as master to an impetuous but knowing Obi-Wan, who is possessed of more wry humor than seen in the film.

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She displays the sadness Leia erroneously referenced in Return of the Jedi though perhaps not, and it is the Force itself that sent echoes to Leia of the mother she never knew? As I re-read the novel for this review, I was struck by the idea that E. Various other characters are much the same as their on-screen counterparts, some for the sake of the mystery—certainly, we receive virtually no deep understanding of Sidious and his machinations; Darth Maul is still a cypher killed too soon, and the Jedi are as inscrutable on the page as they are on screen.

This is a difficult quality to assess in a novelization, and for the most part, not a requirement.

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But throughout the novel, Brooks adds flavor and texture to the wonderful and unique world created by George Lucas. In the film, the killing blow is but one shocking moment amidst a great ground battle, a castle infiltration, and a space battle.

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So while the novel does not showcase anything truly original due to its nature as an adaptation, it does take the film we all know and adds layers that improve the experience a great deal. But Brooks treats the screen story with a reverence that pays dividends to the reader. There is a sense of true enjoyment in the words put down by Brooks as he goes through the story of The Phantom Menace. Brooks also seems to have a fair bit of respect for the concept, never straying too far from center, staying on message as it were, all the while adding depth, wit, and a sense of grandiosity even the film did not always display.

Particularly notable is that all the great action beats fans adore are translated in a straightforward manner that allows them to be enjoyed just as they were on screen. If you loved the film, the novelization serves as a true bolstering of everything great about the cinematic version.

Even if you have watched the film a dozen times in , reading the novel is still an experience worth having.

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Novelizations exist in a strange arena. They are primarily another vehicle for that all important logo or movie poster, another opportunity for eyes to see the brand. Fangirl 1: I love Qui-Gon Jin!!! July 24, USB paradox June 25th FPH Herby Bindel Spurgt Josh Vaguebooking Orders that combine pre-orders and in-stock items may be subject to additional shipping charges. Share your knowledge of this product. All Rights Reserved. Shop by Product Statue Sale!

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