Sexual Invention, Our Continuing Adventures In Swinging

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And sexier. Gamers exhaust a lot of air and words bitching about reviews and how rubbish reviewers are and how they're wrong and bent and biased and wrong. So we thought it would be a step towards World peace if all the flesh and blood reviewers with all their stupid souls and feelings and personalities were retired from service and replaced by an omniscient artificial intelligence.

We came up with this:. It would be the end of all debate. No more need for Metacritic. Infallible robot head would be the single source for incontrovertible review scores. And if anyone disputed a score? They'd be vaporised with laser eyes. Online gaming is great and everything, but we really miss the thrill of split-screen multiplayer sessions. Four gamers in close proximity. The jostling. The banter. It's a beautiful thing. But how rare a treat it is nowadays - dividing your picture into quadrants just seems a bit cramped and not cool. So a way to enjoy split-screen multiplayer without having to play in a down-sized portion of screen would be the best thing ever.

The TV screen would still be divided into four, but each player would wear a pair of special glasses. Special glasses, as we all know, are cool. The special glasses would identify the picture specific to the wearer and separate it from the other images, giving the impression that it was the only picture on the screen. So, via the unspecified magic of the glasses, to the wearer the TV screen would look like this:. Same screen multiplayer with no annoying play area shrinkage. Special glasses. Good times.

History of human sexuality

We'd rather not think about the number of times we've been made sad by playing a game that we loved from our childhood only to be crushed by the reality that it is - and probably always was - a lot of bum dump. It happens a lot. But it wouldn't with the rather awesome nostalgia helmet.

By converting negative thought pulses into positive ones or something, the misplaced, rose-tinted memories for shitty old games would remain safely intact. We'll experiment with the idea of several stages within a stage, such as the layers of a traditional "Vertep" stage, or the many doors of a "Cabinet of Curiosities" to allow for the emerging of 5 or 6 short interrelated stories that exemplify common sense transitional steps that mount into glorious change.

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This joyful performance will tour by bicycle when possible, and intends to serve as an antidote to the numbing layers of despair that many people speak of these days. The piece is inspired by ideas about memory and music in the book Musicophilia by neurologist Oliver Sacks and the classic horror film Carnival of Souls. This incarnation of the show will be focused on the development of the transforming piano puppet that is also a fully playable original musical instrument.

This intimate one-man show combines puppetry, objects, light, sound, and original music in a visual exploration of loss and discovery. Next door, a shady pilot struggles with his own deceit and tries to hide the evidence that later links him with his neighbor. Their past lives between the walls of their rooms in the form of an elephant family and reveals itself from time to time providing clues to the history of these trapped souls. Rose actress Amy Carrigan , a survivor of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of , ruthlessly retells her story from the side of the stage to her workers.

Puppets act as silent, spiritual incarnations of the story's characters, searching for their more fragile origins in Patrick Keppel's tragic play. Live music is quietly improvised around a score by Bradley Kemp, weaving the text and puppetry together.

Stories of Innovation

It is the kit from which two religious men of the past -- St Francis and the Sultan of Egypt -- must create the future. Using paper cut-outs, optics, and large-as-landscape puppets, Grace invites its audience to partner up and figure out how to re-make an unmade world starting with one simple idea: horse. Lake Simons Brooklyn, NY Wind Set-Up: a composition for materials and elements Daily life set into motion by the wind and what it carries your way- a newspaper, a chair, a house?

This describes a typical day in Wind Set-up , a composition for materials and elements a new visual theatre piece with object puppetry by Lake Simons and live music composed and performed by John Dyer. Hundreds of feet of fabric, a landscape of patterns and color, are strewn on the stage, and as the narrative unfolds, certain fabrics begin to move and are manipulated into characters that act out a scene. When they exit, they simply become part of the landscape again, and other fabrics evolve into other characters and act out another scene.

In the end, as with a landscape after a storm, all is calm again. She is that Lady who gives the breath Bag Puppets born from the darkness, transforming with her body in small characters Ladies and Gentlemen Bag Lady. Amanda Villalobos Brooklyn, NY Light Keepers An old desk, a fading lighthouse, a tiny model town, and books with waterlogged spines open to tell the story of Jordan, an androgynous orphan taken in by the mysterious and impossibly ancient lighthouse keeper Isaac Small.

The daily work of keeping the light brings these two outcasts purpose beyond the practical. There are stories that must be kept as well.

The Untold Stories of Paul McCartney | GQ

And things still to be discovered out in the waves. Bart Buch Minneapolis, MN Nature Boy Nature Boy is an original puppetry-poetry performance that follows the epic journey of a mysterious boy from a distant star who lands on a planet where a quiet war wages against the planet's inherent nature. Evoking a children's fantasy for all ages, nature boy will be a poetic meditation on connections between biodiversity and imagination, using bunraku-style puppets, hand puppets, rod puppets, toy theatre, large puppet projections and stylistic influences of street art, anime, comic books, and skateboarding.

Puppets New York, NY Four Seasons Puppet Show A series of 4 classroom, puppet shows each performed in the appropriate season as enrichment of school curriculum in collaboration with the teacher: a pop-up book about squirrel family life in the Fall; shadow puppets and lights in Winter, butterfly metamorphosis in Spring; a tabletop dinosaur family drama in Summer.

Simple craft making and walk on parts for children accompany each show. It's a charming, funny, and heartwarming story about a young boy's friendship with the mythical Phoenix, and the dangerous adventure they embark upon to stop a predatory scientist. The cast includes both human actors and a host of other mythological characters that will be realized with full-scale puppets of all kinds. Rather than a swan egg hatching in the nest of a duck family, our egg becomes little Yuckay, a platypus.

Since a platypus won't grow into anything but a larger platypus, The Ugliest Duckling is a story which shows us that everyone is different and unique for their own reasons, even though we may not become "swans. Then the stories come to life before their eyes, transporting them and the audience to Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Puerto Rico, where they learn lessons of courage and pride and, of course, have tons of fun.

Swingers (2002) - Full Movie (English / EspaƱol subtitles)

The goal of the production is to educate the coming generation of the global fresh water crisis. Through puppetry, live action, audience participation and projections, the audience members will discover what a closed system is, how water works in us our bodies , the community through the water treatment system and in the world through the water cycle.

They will learn how all these systems are intricately connected and thus need to be protected and well managed.