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Great news on reporting as that is the weakest Banktivity link by far. Quicken has you beat here — literally by miles. The current reporting system is too cumbersome. Add the ability to show or not show transfers into and out of an account. Make it really simple to choose a category for a report — not have to scroll thru the s in a list. It would be nice to have a Global search for attachments or some form of indexing that you could reference thru an Icon as many mail clients do.

Thank you very much for continuing development on your product. I enjoy using it. One suggestion on the reports such as net worth is having the amount value of each quarter or year appear as you put your mouse on the bar. Sorry if this was already mentioned. Are there any plans to incorporate statement reconciliation into Banktivity for iPad?

Given how many people are moving away from traditional computers to tablets this seems like a very logical next step, something that could allow the iPad version to sync with the desktop but substitute for the desktop in at least the critical roles like statements and basic reports. I love my iPad and want to move as many of these things over to it as possible. This is one of the key things I still have to get on my computer to do.

I am with Brian. I have been asking for this for 2 years. I hope others will also ask for Reconciling on iPad. Thanks for tags, I also had asked for this. Will I be able to see a Totals line for the amounts in my Smart Account s? Or, will I at least be able to export the transactions to Numbers Mac so that I can add a Total via spreadsheet? Smart accounts show a total of all transactions. What specifically are you looking for? How about letting users select a default transaction type for a particular account?

I am with you on this one Steve, have the same concern. This allowed me to make a payment for multiple items and for multiple projects and then I was able to to pull up reports by anyone of these. It was and is important for me to be able to pull a report by class. Great to see forward movement.

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Too many of us suffered with Quicken and we know what lack of progress can be! It would be useful to you guys, I think, to allow us to vote on improvements needed. Starbucks and others have done this successfully. The voting would be good for you to understand what many of us want the most. Thanks Ian.

I appreciate your transparency and continued efforts to make this product as simple, yet robust as possible. I think people want a simple expense vs. Maybe budgeted line items wold be in bold, and unexpected line items would be non-bold, or italicized? Overall, I like the graph, but the wording on the budget page particularly at the top needs to be a bit more dummy proof.


Again, just small things. I like where your headed overall. Thanks again! This is great feedback, I appreciate the details. Then, what is even MORE helpful is what to do about it! Your comment does all of them. Thanks again, truly helpful! Gret, glad it was helpful Ian. Could you give consideration to a Show Attachments command to list all the stored items groups by date and separated by account.

I love the idea of storing receipts with txn but I think there is a lost opportunity to mine that data. This is an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing some of your upcoming features. They all sound like a move in the right direction. Ditto that Kent Akgungor, Banktivity is my most important app on the Mac. I would like to see a major release each year and I am certain most customers would be OK to fund that cost. We all need more out of this great tool and I can forego a cup of Starbucks a week to make that happen!

Most of my accounts are in the US, but I have three overseas in a different currency. Banktivity handles this OK, except, that I have them in a separate group so I can see the total. Whatever currency you select there will be used for all group accounts. I stuck with iBank, now Banktivity, over the years as a replacement for Quicken because it seemed apparent that you guys were dedicated to making a good product great, and a great product greater, and my hopes have been rewarded.

My one feature request at the top of my list that I would PLEAD with you to work on, is make it so you can clone or duplicate an existing Report. I have to carefully create a new look-alike report from scratch and then make changes. Banktivity has Quicken beat by a mile. But here are 3 navigation and organization steps that Quicken is better at. They are absolutely the only things at which Quicken is better, but if you could ever fix these it would make life much simpler.

One has to enter the share price every time. This is great feedback Rob, specifics really help us. The file extension will get changed eventually, we just wanted the name change to go as smooth as possible for step 1. Dear Ian, Thank you kindly for your dedication and openness regarding the future of the Bankitivity app! I made the jump from Quicken about a year ago.

It was a surprisingly smooth transition among a lot of trepidation after using the other product for 20 years! Banktivity is more straightforward and lacks a lot of nonsense possessed by the other. It rarely crashes, has malfunctions, and I find Direct Access to be very reliable! I dread the work of using Bankitivity, however, because the usability is physically taxing. My wrist hurts just thinking about it. Better yet, set the flag to reviewed when it is saved from editing.

Please watch someone proficient at data entry as they enter a batch of receipts with splits to see how often they have to move between keyboard and mouse. When editing splits, I cannot move from one amount field down to the next. Down Arrow takes me to the next split item and I have to then Tab four times to get there or reach for the mouse four keystrokes instead of one.

Both are in the upper right corner of the app which adds a lot of mousing mileage in full screen. That button and the statement lock are small targets on a large screen for such important functions. I had to train myself not to use the Create transaction button which I initially assumed was new item button contextual to the current view. Do you consider the economy of human interaction in the app? How can it be more efficient in task completion? I understand that redesigning the app is a big undertaking, but surely there are conveniences which can be added simply.

Anything that makes this program easier to use will help me appreciate it more! I will be happy to provide more detail on these issues and other suggestions, if desired. I am also an experienced beta tester. Good post Steve. I am meticulous at accounting for my expenses and I make use of split transactions regularly. I for one miss the specific function icons in the toolbar, was much easier before to get your work done that way. Ian, Thanks for the update on tags. Should be able to move thru the split entries using the keyboard. Too much mouse work.

Banktivity responsiveness is slow for me, especially when reconciling. Are there any changes coming to the iPad version? Transaction copy, for example? Sure, the iPad app is stable, works fine, but some new features and improvements would be nice.

This is not a major deal but entering of dates and bringing up the date selector requires too much clicking. When I hit the down arrow to bring up the date selector, it always requires at least two clicks to select a date: one just to activate that little window, and then clicking the date. The RSS feed for this blog is good, but my reader does not flag when an added comment has been made. I am missing the ability to archive my old data.

Any chance of including that in the near future? I have no need for archiving. Great to hear your plans so openly. For the UK users, can you allow security prices to be synced from the Mac? Many security prices for funds do not work consistently — I think it is a yahoo finance problem pence and pounds or quote not available at all rather than your software. I correct Mac security prices, but there is no option to do the same on the iPad and even if there were, I would not want to do it twice. I assume you are wedded to using yahoo finance for quotes so the source data will remain patchy for non US users.

Also, I think I am right in saying that if direct access is used on an account in both the iPad and iMac versions, any change you have to make to the transaction e. Adding a missing category has to be done twice as it does not sync across. Can we choose downloading the security data from Google instead of Yahoo? I think Google Finance has a more complete database. I have some requests in terms of Budgeting features. In this way, we would be able to see what would the financial be look like in the future given the past actual numbers and future budgeted numbers.

Having the forecast in mind would help us improve the budget reasonably. I tried twice re-entering historical budget transfer among envelops and now I stop using it until it gets more robust. Thanks for the feedback. Last time I checked, their license prevented us from using it. The number of bugs and missing features in the earlier years was quite frustrating, but slowly, most of my major pain points have been eliminated making this a great piece of software.

As for the future: — Improving the reporting would be top of my list. Your plans there sound great. It is rather frustrating to be forced into the set security types and risk types defined by Banktivity. I would prefer that I could define my own similar to how I can define my own income and expense categories. Even in the US, there are many types of accounts beyond the choices iBank allows.

To be clear, foreign exchange transactions are handled fine within Banktivity.

Fullly support the last point highlighted. But I also have acounts in multiple currencies and using the latest FX instead of historical rates forces me to track my net worth in XLS… Not very efficient in my mind. Would be great to have more options to fix the rate i. Pie charts… Pie charts are quite simply the worst way you can display multiple data points possible. The only Finance application I know that actually uses a bar chart to show category spending, is MoneyWiz. Telling me month and month, year after year, that Federal and State tax are The most important thing about any report is providing information the consumer can act upon many BI professionals never quite get this.

The iPhone 4S: Ten Best Productivity Uses

The app should be able to create a budget that ignores all fixed payments, as well as the income that consumes, and allow a focused area only on spending I can control month to month or whatever time period , because that is where I will make or break my financial planning.

Great feedback Mark. I did want to let you know that in the current version you can omit specific categories from reports and budgets. Ian… I could be mistaken but I think Mark was talking about things such as the overview page when he says headline reports. Either way…. I do LOVE the way you allow the interest to be posted to the loan account rather than the payment account… that is a much better way to budget and allows me to focus on the total payment, but still be able to slice and dice and see the interest if I wish.

Two final things… one feature. Keep it up! I know the main problem is with Yahoo. I then have to correct these manually — a real chore. Moneydance gets around this problem, by having a checkbox which you can untick to prevent historical prices being downloaded. This would be a godsend in Banktivity. There are other free services in the UK, such as FT. It is still working and there is no charge. Another supplier of security prices in the UK would be the ideal situation for us. I have posed this question long ago to IGG support never answered back when the update to iBank was done to make it compatible with iPads.

Will this ever be corrected and the Mac and Mobile versions match? The earlier version of Ibank for iPhone supported all the Mac Txns types but this was dropped. Also would love to see custom txn types. Ian — How about an answer. Will the transaction types ever be made to match on the mobile and Mac versions? Withdrawal on the mobile just does not cut it. It makes sense for the transaction types to match across iOS and Mac OS, this is the direction we are headed in. This appears due to the fact you can only fit 6 months worth of data on a 8.

The one thing I really am trying to do is get my life organized. I like iBank and just started Banktivity5 and saw I could add scheduled transactions to my Mac reminders. Unfortunately, it puts them where I cannot put them on my calendar along with other reminders or caldav information. This is a deal breaker and I will check out Mint Bills instead. I turned this off because it only put the reminders on my Mac and reminding just on my iMac is really not helpful when away on a trip. It would be helpful if Bankivity would use notifications on iOS and OS X and it would eliminate having to copy them to reminders for notifications.

I owned iBank previously and just upgraded to Banktivity. My largest frustration is Currencies, Banktivity seems to not handle currencies very well at all. For example the main currency where I live has 3 decimal places, Banktivity shows 3 however only calculates 2 resulting in large errors that have to be adjusted out each and every month. Also many investment accounts allow you to hold multiple currency stock in the same account.

For example, in my Canadian account I have Canadian and American stocks. Banktivity requires me to setup a seperate account for each currency, which means I have to make fake transactions between accounts everytime I purchase a stock. So now anytime I enter a currency transaction I save the file first. I just saw this blog and am so excited to see some of the improvements you are planning!

I have many accounts and when I run reports I typically only pick a few of the accounts for a report.

ApplePi-Baker – Interface

I have to uncheck all the boxes except for one or two! Thanks for all you guys are doing! Keep up the good work! While big media outlets were let down, for iPhone users it feels like home.

As an added bonus, existing accessories work with it, from cases to charging docks. Less miscellaneous upgrade costs! Note: Some of these are 4S specific, some are in iOS5. The new iPhone 4S keeps this statement true. There is no phone that comes closes to the hardware and software combination packed into the new iPhone 4S. What do you use your iPhone for?

What are your favorite productivity features? Informative post, Craig. The Siri feature is very intriguing to me. As a blogger and a commuter, if I can find something that I can actually dictate to and have it accurately turn it to text, it would be wonderful. All of these features are tempting me to buy the 4S!

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Especially Siri. You have summarized the 4s perfectly. Actually, that is quite a misnomer…the phone feature is the least used component on my iPhone 4s!! KarenNeifer True, true. Many people self included use their devices more for other activities that making calls. I have just switched from Blackberry. Finding that syncing calanders can be silly.