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If you have an object on a table, hold the board at an angle about 45 degrees as this is roughly on the same plane as your eye line. If you are standing up the drawing board can be vertical, as this is also on the same plane as the subject and your eye-line. The less you can move your head and just move your eyes between the subject and your drawing the better. Try a few angles and try to notice if your head is moving or not.

This has been very helpful. I have taken photographs on my phone and put them into black and white to get a clearer idea of shade values. All of your advice is excellent and encouraging. I am looking forward to the painting. Great to hear it Carolyn,the first part of the painting video should be going live in a few hours time! Thanks Margarete, you can watch the next lesson here.

I was very pleased and impressed with the shading steps , i have also learnt a lot that will definately also improve my teaching skills in drawing and both myself as a practicing Artist. I realised my ashadings were actualy half done and not complete. Thank you once more, I look forward to recieving more of your lessons.

Super drawing exercise. Your instructions are well written and offer an element of humanity—an understanding of the student who struggles to achieve what seems so difficult at times. Love it. You are a great teacher. Hello Will, thank you for this guide, very helpful. My problem is that the acrylic lifts off if I go over work already done. What am I doing to cause this? I have tried a few different brands of acrylic paints with the same problem……. Hi Dale, Pleased you found the guide helpful. What surface the painting on top of? Thanks Will, for replying so quickly….. I use standard acrylic paints…..

Mont Marte too thin , Kaiser colour also too thin , and both lift either when wet or dry. Have started to use Mont Marte Dimensions which is thicker but have the same problem, and I use a standard canvas already treated at the supplier. Maybe I need to change paints to a different brand altogether!!!!! Any suggestions??????? Yes to the 2nd part….. The drying of acrylic paints occurs in two very different stages, hence drying times must be thought of in two different time frames. The first stage, a relatively short period of time, results in the formation of a skin over the surface of the paint.

At this point, the flow of water towards the surface is no longer sufficient to keep the paint film wet. Very thin films can feel dry within seconds, while thick films may take a full day or more to skin over. The second stage of drying is the time for the entire thickness of the film to be thoroughly dry. That is, the time required for all of the water and solvent to evaporate and leave the film. This is a most crucial time frame, as the ultimate physical properties, such as adhesion, hardness and clarity, do not fully develop until the film is near complete dryness.

Many artists are not aware of this more lengthy drying time. This is the reason that one may find that a rather thick layer of paint has not adhered to the surface when tested a day or two after application. Thank you for a great lesson. While shading the shadow, do the lines have to be in any particular direction or should they be parallel to the lines used to shade the object? Dear Will It is very nice to have a wonderful guide like this. It is way much helpful than other sites.

I really appreciate you for posting great and easy step by step guide.

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It is really helpful for my tests. Thank you sir, this, i dunno, shadowing technique? Hi, Will Thank you, for your detail explanation it helped me a lot to understand shading.. Eager to learn more..

Colored Shadows

My pleasure Vineet, so pleased you found it helpful in your drawing progress. I would love to learn how to draw with pencil and sketch portraits. Hi Will, great tutorial thanks for explaining it in such a simple way…. Look, my problem is: How do I shade with multiple light sources?? Hope this helps,. Hi will thank for the apple demostration. Can I use the same methot on a portrait pencil drawing thank paul. Hi Paul, the same principles of the basics of a form apply so the method would work for the basic shapes of portrait drawing. You are a great teacher and artist. Your tips really helping me make my drawings and paintings better.

Thank you. Hi will. I recently made a flesh tone chart to try to match flesh tones. I was wondering what was the best way to match skin tones.? Perhaps this is a no brained question but is it easier to copy from a portrait painting or a photograph or real life.? Many thanks. I like to underpaint in raw umber but not sure if to paint my palette board this colour or a mid tone grey.?

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Does it matter.? Many Thanks. Hi Dalton, the occlusion shadow is the darkest part of the cast shadow directly underneath the form. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By Will Kemp drawing Comments In this light and shadow series we look at the theory, drawing and painting of a simple form focusing on shadow, light and edges.

My lamp has a diffuser on it called a Softbox. So, it could be a crisp line to indicate changes in shape or angularity. This one piece of information that can drastically alter your drawings and paintings. Shadow edge Below are two photographs to illustrate the subtle differences in the shadow strengths when I altered the lighting slightly. Low angle, hard lighting from direct sunlight. Home setup A small table lamp without a shade is a good choice for setting up your still life at home, if you want to work from life, rather than the photograph above.

I sketch out the outline of the object and then put in both the cast shadow and the shadow line. I can then indicate the shadow side by hatching lines with the pen. I then draw in any darker accents on the bottom of the objects. So now I have three tones, the lights, the form shadows and the cast shadows. Lightly draw in the shape of the stalk. And then the shape of the highlight.

Lightly draw the shadow line, it has a slight curve to it.

Why two shadows bend when close together

Continue the shade over the edge of the apple, this is called combining the shadow shapes. I fill in the form shadow, working over the first, form shadow core band. Using the softer 6B pencil, I reinforce the cast shadow depth of tone. Changing hand position, I can follow the shape of the form. Now we have established all the elements. I continue to work between softening and sharpening and blending.

Soften out the tail of the cast shadow. Pull back the highlight on the light side of the apple. The finished drawing. Please Share This. Patsy Ann 6 Apr Reply. Will Kemp 6 Apr Reply. Varun 30 Jan Reply. Will Kemp 31 Jan Reply.

Cast Two Shadows: The American Revolution in the South

Really pleased it helped Varun. Mary 8 Feb Reply. Will Kemp 8 Feb Reply. Tania 6 Apr Reply. Great to hear it Tania, Cheers, Will. Greta 6 Apr Reply. Very helpful guide. Thank you Will. Carole Pivarnik 6 Apr Reply.

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Thanks Carole, hope you find it helpful, Will. Connie Hurley 6 Apr Reply. Thanks Connie, kind of you to say so, good luck with your drawing. Sarah Harvey 6 Apr Reply. Tasnim 6 Apr Reply.

Tasnim 7 Apr Reply. Will Kemp 8 Apr Reply. Hi Tasnim, It is subtle but it varies depending on the angle of the light source. Tasnim 8 Apr Thank you once again. Will Kemp 8 Apr Vidhya 6 Apr Reply. Will your detail explanations are simply excellent. It forces me to perfection. Cheers Vidhya, Will. Margarete Koepfer 6 Apr Reply. Very good information! Diana 7 Apr Reply. Assuming the lighting is the same as it was, you should be able to figure it out. In this case, since you were in the bathroom, I wonder if there was a mirror nearby?

The reflection of the nightlight from a mirror could act as a second light source, creating a second shadow. I would guess that the darker shadow just happened to be in a place where there was a little less background light, making it appear darker.

Matte & Metal Melted Shadows | HUDA BEAUTY

You can try to duplicate the effect under the same conditions to figure out exactly where the shadows were coming from. Yes, just as your husband said, the two shadows come from two lights. The two shodows will pretty much overlap when the two lights are the same direction from you. As you walk, the shadow from the closer light will change its angle faster than the one from the farther light. So as you approach that overlap position, one shadow looks like it's ahead then as you pass the position the other one does.

Follow-up on this answer. Related Questions. Still Curious? Cheryl - Most shadows made by a single light source actually do have two parts, the. You can also get two separate shadows from one light source if you have two different objects to create them. But no, if you only have one light source and one object, you can't get more than one separate shadow. Ok, I guess if you took a long fluorescent light bulb and wrapped the center of it with black paper, then each end of the bulb would act like a single light source. Then the one bulb could create two separate shadows from just one object.

But practically speaking, even though it's just one bulb, the two uncovered ends would really be two separate light sources. I was noticing yesterday as i walked outside that i had two shadow's. I have heard that it means your going to die soon. I want the real answer please. The player takes the role of Garrett, an independent master thief who aims to steal his way through the City , using stealth , devices and weapons , in order to complete objectives and make profits on the side. The player may steal from or mug innocents for loot , and avoid, distract, attack or knock out guards.

Loot and weapon ammunition may be stolen simply by 'touching' it, when close enough. Locked rooms and chests can be broken into after completing a lock-picking minigame. Mission levels may be traversed by sneaking through the shadows , since walking or running will alert nearby guards, who detecting the presence of a vandal will search around for an unknown face.

Upon discovering the player, the guards will give chase and possibly hunt the player down. In order to make minimum noise , the player must actively monitor the noise each action creates, and use the environment to their advantage such as a quiet carpet floor. The player may usually view a hand-drawn map of the immediate surroundings, realistically, the player's location is not indicated on the map and must be deduced from the surrounding landmarks.

The game has a fairly open-ended structure, allowing the player to approach every objective in multiple different ways. Upon completion of all objectives, the mission ends and the plot is further revealed through cutscenes. After each mission, the player reappears into the nearest district within the City, which may be freely explored by foot.

Most civilians don't recognize Garrett as a criminal, although wanted posters are frequently visible on City walls. City areas unlock as the player progresses through missions. Within the City , the player may sell previously stolen goods on the black market to Fences , for gold, which can be used at various Shops to purchase weapons, equipment and supplies. As they are collected, loot, gold, equipment and weapons retain in the player's inventory through the game, making it possible to 'hoard' for later use.

While exploring the City , the player may break into homes for additional loot, spy on and steal from the townspeople, and complete the occasional side quest. Allying with major factions will motivate its members to fight alongside the player, against the City Watch guards. Both the PC and Xbox versions of the game are relatively easy to play, with conventional and reconfigurable shooter-style controls. The first mission is an interactive tutorial that guides the player through a typical robbery, set in an Inn.

The player may save progress at any point, and must do so manually from time to time, since the game never autosaves. The Xbox version has considerably more tactile controls since it uses a game controller instead of an all purpose keyboard. Within the lock-picking minigame, a rumble effect can be felt based on the relation between the lock picks and tumblers. Moving the left analog stick gently makes Garrett creep, and forcefully makes him run. Deadly Shadows may be considered the defining game of the Thief series, being the most refined and technically advanced.

It has received almost universally positive reviews, with its greatly improved graphics and lighting , music and sound effects , gameplay and level design. Its realistic and immersive 3D graphics and visual effects , along with motion-captured, lip-synched character animation , improve significantly on the earlier Thief games. Fully 3D animated interfaces span the game, even when not in missions.

New to this Thief game, the player has the option to play the game in first-person or third-person perspectives, or switch back and forth during gameplay as convenient. The third-person viewpoint makes the game easier to play, considering Garrett and nearby guards fit easily into view.

Implementing the Science Standards K-4

The narrowed vision first-perspective alternatively makes for more immersive gameplay and would probably be preferred by players of the earlier Thief games.