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Rommie and Tyr are considering their options. Tyr says that their choices are to allow the Maru to explode, destroying both ships, or to destroy the Maru pre-emptively, saving Andromeda.

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Rommie says that the choice rests with Tyr, the acting captain. Beka disarms Margot, and they fight. Beka throws Margot off the catwalk, breaking her neck. In the confusion, Lem slips Dylan the key for the compartment he is locked in. Beka confronts Bobby, and shoots him, but the bullets are deflected by his cybernetic-armour, knocking some cables loose.

Be all my sins remembered

Bobby tosses Beka aside, knocking her unconscious. Dylan gets the lock open, and attacks Bobby, but is not doing well. Beka, behind them, revives, and uses a loose cable to electrocute Bobby. Tyr: This warship and her capabilities it make us complacent.

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  • We may have to engage the enemy using nothing but our teeth and nails. Beka bites him. Dylan: on screen Tyr, you've got command. I know you'll display the appropriate sensitivity and diplomacy in dealing with the Chichin. Tyr hangs up, and Rommie re-opens the channel And, Tyr don't break my ship. Harper: You flew us into a minefield? Beka: Well, it wasn't supposed to be there, was it? So, mea very culpa. Harper: the Maru shakes Is that normal? Beka: Missile to the aft-cargo-pot, by the feel of it.

    What's the matter, no-one ever shoot at you before? Harper: Yeah, but I've never been shot in the aft. Beka: Did you do it? Is it going to work? Harper: Is my name Seamus Zelazny Harper? Beka: God, I hope not! Beka: I don't "do causes," Bobby.

    All My Sins remembered by Rosie Thomas

    Bobby: No, Beka, everyone "does causes. Rommie: Perhaps you would prefer that I de-materialize Dylan's body from the Maru and magically re-materialize it here, on command? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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    Jill Sherwin. Theon: And the truth about the farm boys I killed in their place? And the truth about Sir Rodrick who I beheaded? And the truth about Robb who I betrayed? Sansa: When you take the Black, all your crimes are forgiven. Theon: I don't want to be forgiven. I can't even make amends to your family for the things I've done. Lelouch also later on, as he does more and more morally dubious things for his cause.

    Even after the Tamers forgive him and reassure him that he's one of them, he never, ever forgets what he did. Monster : When Grimmer calls him a doctor, Tenma goes on an angsty tirade about how he is not worth the title because he killed someone. He doesn't know at the time that the person he thought he killed is still very much alive.

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    • All My Sins Remembered.
    • Eva also goes through a period of this when she realizes how badly she has been treating Martin and how much worse she had been to Tenma. At the end of One Piece 's Dressrosa arc, we see this with secondary character Kyros. He tries to disassociate himself from his daughter Rebecca in the belief that he's protecting her from the stigma of being the child of an ill-bred criminal. As part of this, he writes Rebecca a letter detailing his sordid past to make her understand his reasons. Their subplot ends with Rebecca deciding she doesn't care about that and declaring she's the daughter of Kyros.

      Comic Books. In Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk , Arcturus Rann of the Micronauts reveals that he visited Jarella's homeworld K'ai more than a thousand years ago and in a moment of extreme prejudice, massacred most of the civilization due to a perceived threat to Homeworld.

      Be All My Sins Remembered

      It wasn't till recently that they merged, postdating Rann's visit by 1, years. Takara Tsukuda of Despair's Last Resort takes no pride in solving the murders that take place in the resort. Considering that someone is executed every time she does so, it's not hard to see why. When given a celebration for the good she did and that she was able to have the self-control to at least TRY to do good when given the power of a goddess , she outright says there's a lot of things she did she'll never forgive herself for and she doesn't blame the ponies who won't forgive her for what she's done.

      She accepts those that will, but she'll never forget what she's done. Films — Animation. Beowulf : Beowulf says as much before he leaves to confront Grendel's mother and the dragon, and try to end the cycle once and for all. Beowulf: Keep a memory of me, not as a king or a hero; but as a man: fallible and flawed. Films — Live-Action.

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      The novel is a series of debriefings where he tells what he had to do in the line of duty, and how those memories are gnawing on his conscience. The true horror of it is that in each case, his actions should have served to make the universe a better place, but his sacrifices were screwed over in the name of Realpolitik , and his "debriefings" are in fact part of memory-erasure "therapy" that is reducing him to a drooling vegetable.

      The Ciaphas Cain novels are presented as the titular commissar 's unofficial memoirs, in which he confesses that despite being hailed as a legendary hero of the Imperium , he was really a Dirty Coward whose feats were done by accident, while trying to flee for his life, or only performed to uphold his reputation. The inquisitor editing Cain's memoirs , however, counters that Cain isn't giving himself enough credit and that true heroism is fighting on in spite of fear which would make Cain a great hero indeed.

      It's further muddled by the fact that his account frequently mentions deliberately invoking the Humble Hero trope to manipulate people.

      Land and Labour: Marxism, Ecology and Human History by Martin Empson

      A major, major theme in Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. After committing cold-blooded murder and getting away with it , the protagonist finds that the love and companionship of his friends and family suddenly feel torturous to him, causing him to go to great lengths to reject their kindness and drive them away. Shipping destination. Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward. Limited 10 backers.

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