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What could be more Amsterdam than sipping a locally produced beer with a sausage and cheese plate next to a giant windmill only a short tram ride from touristy Leidseplein? Exit the experience via the Heineken shop where you can get pretty much anything with the Heineken logo on it. Open - last tour at Its renowned jenever recipe dates back to as early as and was introduced to the British roughly 25 years later where it was modified to English tastes and produced locally as gin.

The award-winning Genever Experience showcases the roughly 40 liqueurs it sells in countries around the world as well as the wide varieties of jenevers it produces. A facebook. While trying to pick a good Chinese restaurant on the Zeedijk, why not take a quick peek at this interesting monument, but make sure to enter via one of the smaller side gates as the main gate is reserved for nuns and monks.

Although the style of the building is completely Chinese, anyone is allowed to worship here and various events and celebrations are held throughout the year. It gained its name in the 17th century when the French occupied parts of the Netherlands forcing the Dutch to move their coin minting operations to this location.

The adjoining building, which now houses a Delft ceramics shop, was erected in the 19th century and replaced the original guardhouse. Built in , St. A number of local guilds also moved into the building and each one had its own entrance. Weigh stations and guilds also fell out of fashion over time and the building was used for several different purposes over the years, but since it has housed a swanky Dutch restaurant.

It was built in the early 15th century and is purported to be the place from which explorer Henry Hudson set sail for the New World in leading to the founding of the small settlement of New Amsterdam on the island of Manhattan. In fact, this a rather rare occurrence in Amsterdam but it has happened recently, so you never know. If, however, arctic temperatures never reach the shores of the Netherlands this winter you can always take advantage of a few local skating rinks including the seasonal open-air venues on F-9, Leidseplein open daily until January 10, ; www.

You can also take a tram to the Jaap Eden ice rink P-3, Radioweg 64 in Amsterdam East, which offers a huge m-long outdoor speed skating rink as well as an indoor rink for exact opening hours visit www. Visit its website for exact departure times and locations. Keytours is located at the same address as the Diamond Museum Amsterdam. Inside you can view ancient Chinese artefacts depicting sex acts, lusty gods and goddesses getting busy on Greek pottery and horny lovers on old Japanese silk paintings. Erotic cartoons of Snow White getting to know her dwarfs intimately and old pornography are also on offer.

This is followed by a maze of rooms featuring life size wax figures of your favourite heads of state, actors, rock gods, artists and footballers. Last admission at A visit begins with a six-minute movie, with a simple, yet intriguing theme, namely 24 hours in the Red Light district. Unfortunately, no souvenir shop is available. Its clandestine appearance is intentional as it was one of several underground Catholic churches that had to conceal their existence from Protestant persecution, hence its code name — the Parrot.

It is typically narrow, like most Amsterdam buildings, which is the reason for the extensive seating galleries overlooking the main hall from above. Just look for the tile mosaic to find the entrance. Its Dutch Renaissance style is unmistakable and its massive tower embellished with the crown of Austrian Emperor Maximilian soars to a height of 85m above the city.

Anyone familiar with the story of Anne Frank also knows that she often heard the bells from the church in her hidden annex only a short distance away. The tower bell is the largest in the Netherlands and weighs in at an impressive 7,kg. The Westermarkt square outside is a popular meeting place where you can relax on benches that look like lounge chairs, eat some raw herring from one of the food stalls or take a look at its monuments - a statue of Anne Frank and three triangular pink granite slabs dedicated to persecuted gays near and far.

Closed during the winter. As the city prospered, its population grew by leaps and bounds and among its many new arrivals were Jews from around the continent looking for a better life. They completed work on this synagogue in and since then it has served as a centre for Jewish life in Amsterdam housing also offices, archives, ritual baths and a rabbinate. The synagogue was completely restored in and now its treasure rooms which house unique ceremonial objects are open to the public as well as Ets Haim, the oldest functioning Jewish library in the world dating to Visserplein 3, tel.

Closed Sat. Begin your journey in the oldest building erected in , which was abandoned for nearly 30 years after WWII until it was finally restored to its former glory. On the second floor, which was originally used by the female congregation, you can view paintings by famous Jewish artists such as Josef Israels. The attempted destruction of Jewish life during the Holocaust. Objects from Egypt include wooden sarcophagi, Coptic art, funerary statues and pottery, not to mention a room dedicated to mummies and the embalming process.

Among the highlights of the permanent exhibits are the so-called Dionysus sarcophagus, which looks like an enormous decorative marble bathtub, beautiful examples of early Roman glass and the huge statue of Fortuna that once belonged to Cardinal Richelieu. Follow the development of this powerful port through medieval artefacts and art from ancient shoes dating back to the 14th century and the oldest known map of the city by renowned cartographer Cornelis Antonisz, who brought the town and its 12,strong population to life in , to period furniture and paintings collected by wealthy Amsterdammers of the Golden Age.

Learn how tulips made their journey to the Netherlands in where they were cultivated and eventually fetched prices on par with Amsterdam canal houses before the bubble burst ruining many a flower merchant. The evolution of modern tulip farming is also on display. The diary of her time spent in the secret annex was published in and later translated in over 65 languages. QE-5, Prinsengracht - , tel. Today you can take a free tour of the factory, which moved to its current location in three mansions in the Museum district in You can learn nearly everything about diamonds here in a variety of languages and discover helpful tips about how the four Cs carat, colour, clarity and cut influence the price of each gem.

You can also watch men practicing their trade, learn how to spot fake diamonds and view replicas of famous gems such as the Koh-I-Noor which was re-cut by Coster at the request of Queen Victoria. Admission: free. Move on to the exhibits that describe the polishing and cutting process, displays of replicas of famous jewels and explanations of the illegal trade in blood diamonds. Exhibitions change quite frequently so check its website for the latest information. Open - , Thu, Fri - Permanent exhibits dedicated to the Amstelhof and the origins of the Hermitage Museum and the Russian royal family are also available.

The Hermitage is currently hosting an exhibition entitled Spanish Masters from the Hermitage. He now runs this museum which receives over 38, visitors each year who are curious to see how people can use a boat as a permanent residence. Start with an amusing slide show of houseboats on the canals during all seasons and the perils and maintenance involved in this unique way of life. No other country in the world had as many ships sailing the seas of the globe as Holland.

After thorough renovations, the Maritime Museum once again demonstrates how the sea has defined Dutch culture. Stimulating, interactive exhibits bring years of maritime history to life. The significance of this industry in the modern age is also explained in a clear and concise manner. When the building was first opened to the public as the Town Hall in , its lavish interior decorated with paintings by Ferdinand Bol and Rembrandt was considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.

Louis Napoleon made it his personal residence in when he briefly served as the King of Holland, but it later became the possession of the House of Orange. Seldom have we seen so much polished marble in one place, not to mention six giant crystal chandeliers hanging from the timber ceiling covered in frescos high above the inlaid maps and nautical and astronomical charts in the floor. The audio guide, which is included in the price, is essential as none of the rooms have explanations in any language.

A short movie with English subtitles is available before you take the tour. Make giant soap bubbles, generate electricity or lots of other hands on activities. You can also see how fuel engines work or discover why teenagers look, feel and act the way they do; see how our daily lives will change in the future with new and advanced technologies; and lots of other interesting stuff. An exhibition entitled World of Shapes allows you to create new shapes from triangles and squares and children can tower above their parents in the Ames room. You can also bring your own lunch and eat it in the cafeteria or purchase food at the museum.

A good museum shop is also available where you can buy science experiments and other great souvenirs for kids. Closed December 25 and January 1. The entrance has moved from the street to the park side, which means that the cultural living room of Amsterdam now has its own chill-out and meeting area outside. A small shop selling gifts and cannabis seeds is also attached to the museum.

It was rented by renowned Rembrandt apprentice Ferdinand Bol soon after its construction in but passed on to different owners over the centuries until it was purchased in by the Van Loon family whose most illustrious ancestor Willem van Loon co-founded the Dutch East India Company. View 17th-century portraits, period furniture, 18th-century Dutch porcelain, spectacular wall murals, a centuries-old working kitchen and a spacious manicured garden all in the centre of Amsterdam.

As you walk around its sumptuous rooms you might even run into one of the Van Loons who still live upstairs. Although only a little over one hectare in size, Hortus boasts over 4, species of plants from around the globe throughout its gardens and greenhouses, nearly all of which are open to the public.

It specialises in cycads, or palm trees, the oldest of which was brought to the Netherlands on a V. The sprawling park not only offers a huge collection of exotic animals from near and far, but also an impressive aquarium as well as a zoology museum. Many of the strange beasts that inhabit the zoo live outdoors so you can see camels lounging in the sand or Japanese macaques jumping about. Walk past lions, elephants, buffalo and giraffes in their enclosures or head over to the top-notch reptile house to see pythons, giant tortoises and crocodiles or all manner of creepy-crawlies in the Insect House.

Unlike the busy canals in the centre, the atmosphere here is laid back and relaxed. Most of the tiny little houses along the way have brightly painted shutters and the canal is covered in small bridges. Every year the collection expands as more films, Dutch and foreign, new and old, are added. Locals also buy flowers here so the prices are actually quite reasonable. A amsterdam. The entertaining staff attempt to make the experience as fun as possible. Its office is located a short walk from the Central Station. At full capacity, 53, supporters sing, scream and yell from their brightly coloured seats.

QU-1, ArenA Boulevard 1, tel.

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Open - except on event days. The brainchild of renowned Dutch architect J. A number of statues and reliefs symbolise the resistance expressed by all members of society from labourers to the intelligentsia and the lions on either side represent the Dutch nation. The giant pillar rises to a height of 22m. Over the next decade at least 10 more statues will be erected along the route that the illustrious painter used to walk from his house in Amsterdam to to the outskirts of the city where he searched for inspiration. Each statue will represent a certain period of his life.

A young Rembrandt, opposite the Amstel Hotel, is the first of these new statues. Statues of Rembrandt can also be found at molen at Amstel at the end of Amstelpark and Professor Tulpplein. Eindhoven is, along with Amsterdam, the most international city in the Netherlands. And what we've know for years now has finally become apparent to the rest of the world. Eindhoven is no longer a Dutch backwater, but rather one of the most inventive cities in Europe. All the factory complexes that were abandoned by electronics giant Philips were seen as eyesores until they were finally repurposed by this once sleepy town of roughly , residents.

Most of these buildings have recently been transformed into vibrant cultural and entrepreneurial centres not to mention pop-up restaurants and offices for graduates of Eindhoven's Design Academy. These creative spaces are scattered across the city, so you're never far away from an example of the city's new-found dynamism.

To have a convenient shopping day visit the shopping streets. There are sufficient shops for everyone. From concept stores and vintage markets to the most famous department stores and major retail chains. Also for industrial dining, drinks in the pub and concerts of world stars you want to be in Eindhoven.

This centrally located information centre is a good place to get brochures, guides or personal advice from a staff member. They can recommend excursions, help you purchase concert tickets and offer lots of other practical services. Pick up here a free copy of this guide. Stationsplein 17, www. Photo: Ruud Balk. Although the cynical among us could view this museum located in the original Philips factory from as pure company propaganda, we actually believe that this modern museum gives an interesting overview of this multinational giant that, until recently, played such a crucial role in Eindhoven's history.

Follow the evolution of the company from making its first light bulb to the invention of famous household appliances that we couldn't live without. Take an iPad tour that gives insights into the harsh working conditions faced by factory employees in former days and then take a selfie upstairs with the vintage boom box playing hits from the s. It's also interesting to see how Philips has designed medical technology to prolong our lives.

Trendy meals are now served in these former army barracks where soldiers once slept. The Kazerne offers a menu with a balanced mix of Mediterranean and vegetarian options, but most people seem happy to order the three-course meal that changes every week. Its industrial interior is dotted with art and fashionable pieces of design and despite its large, functional space, a warm, comfortable venue has somehow been created for diners who like their food with a pinch of style. If you're not into the long tables, you can also book more private, some might say romantic, seating. Amsterdam has it all as far as shopping is concerned from the big brands to hip little boutiques.

Hooftsraat in the Museum Quarter. Antique lovers will find a whole street lined with shops selling old maps, books, Delft tiles, furniture and art at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat leading up to the Rijksmuseum and shoppers who prefer small, yet trendy boutiques and a street devoid of chains should walk the length of the Haarlemmerstraat.

You can also find all kinds of interesting exotic sauces, spices and kitchenware in Chinatown near the Nieuwmarkt and funky interior design elements on Overtoom in West. It also sells some cider and loads of souvenir beer glasses. Open - , Mon - , Sat - , Sun - Open , Mon - , Sat - Open - , Mon - , Thu , Sat - Book exchanges also possible as the name suggests.

Open - , Mon - , Thu - , Sat - , Sun - Cheese, chocolates and other souvenirs are sold here. Open - , Thu - It also has an outlet in the historic Munttoren Mint Tower. Open , Thu - , Sun - Find the ultimate fetish fantasy outfit or have them custom design something for you. Masks and toys also available.

Personalised service is part of the shopping experience. Open - , Mon - , Sat - Check out their latest collections at this flagship store or online at www. Open - , Mon , Sat - , Sun - Open - , Mon - , Sat - , Sun Also does repairs. The Fresh seafood at the Albert Cuyp Market Zeedijk and the area surrounding the Nieuwmarkt are crammed with Chinese restaurants and shops and a stroll around these bustling streets will afford the unsuspecting visitor with such non-European sights as signs in Chinese characters and lots of grilled ducks hanging in storefronts.

Open - , Thu , Sat - Peruse over 25, vinyl records of every genre imaginable from punk rock to country in this cosy shop on the Amstel. CDs are also available and the owners also buy record collections. Closed Wed. British General Stores is also a meeting place for expats. Follow H-9, Ferdinand Bolstraat south until it it turns into Scheldestraat. QScheldestraat 61, tel. Open - , Mon , Sat - Open - , Mon - , Thu - , Sun - Open - , Mon - , Sun - Its large brand centre in Amsterdam is conveniently located on the Rozengracht.

Open - , Mon - , Thu , Sat - , Sun - Lifestyle Directory Need to wash some clothes, fins a doctor or get a massage at a day spa? Whether due to the magic of its illustrious past, the excitement of the famous arena or just as part of a football pilgrimage, Ajax still draws tens of thousands of tourists every year. There are a high number of season ticket holders, so only a few thousand seats are for sale for each game, which can be bought via the official Ajax site www.

Matches are seldom boring in large part due to Section This is in stark contrast to the official so-called core support of the F-side, which you can find behind the goal. Photo courtesy of Ajax Football Club. Crashed into a car and need repairs? These guys will sort you out.

Open - , Wed - , Fri - , Sat - , Sun - Open - , Thu - , Sat - Ajax vs. Vitesse Ajax vs. Heracles Almelo Ajax vs. Feyenoord Ajax vs. Excelsior Ajax vs. QVan Woustraat A, tel. On Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only. You can expect show jumping, dressage and lots of other fun entertainment for the whole family including special events for children. Naturally, a range of massages, beauty treatments and wellness procedures are also on offer. Open - , Thu, Fri, Sat - , Sun - Amsterdam has it all from five-star design suites to forlorn hovels that have been grudgingly awarded a single star.

Standard rooms are decorated in yellow and maroon colours and provide king size beds, huge flat screen TVs, internet access, phone, safe, mini-bar, writing desks and private bathrooms with bathtubs. Executive rooms are a bit more spacious and buy you access to the Executive Lounge where you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast, a cocktail and great views.

Conference rooms and a hour health club are also available as well as an upmarket steakhouse, an international restaurant and a bar. Breakfast not included for standard rooms. All of its deluxe, executive rooms and suites include all of the amenities you would expect, not to mention excellent views of Amsterdam.

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A fitness club with a sauna, steam room and a hot tub is also available as well as a lounge bar and a renowned Italian restaurant. QApollolaan , tel. The latter boasts a famous 19th-century tile fresco and offers jenever and traditional liqueur tastings. Although the general ambience puts one in a more antique frame of mind, the accommodation includes all of the usual 21st-century amenities like flat screen TVs and free wi-fi.

The reception area is bursting with old world elegance in the form of stained glass windows, wood panelling, famous paintings by Friedrich Schiller and Art Deco elements. All rooms are tastefully decorated in the modern NH Hotel style and include flat screen TVs, mini-bar, safe and sweets on the pillow. Unfortunately, you have to pay for wi-fi, but the view from your balcony might just make you put your laptop away.

Stay in a five-star suite with loads of space, a huge bathtub and a grand piano or choose a Spartan, yet chic room with a bed, table, water view and shared bathrooms and toilets in the corridor. A restaurant, bar, conference rooms, a library and free wireless internet access are also at your disposal in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam.

Squeeze yourself into the old fashioned Dutch kitchen for breakfast or in the small backyard where you can hear birds singing. Expect cosy accommodation with comfortable double beds, washbasin, fridge, fan, tea kettle and a shared bathroom. Its Brasserie Londen is also a good place for a casual meal, but locals often visit for its spectacular Notting Hill high tea. Just pour yourself a cocktail from the fully stocked bar, which is included in the price. An iPod docking station, Nespresso machine, wi-fi and TV with DVD player are also standard amenities here and a cottage is available in the Zen-like garden behind the hotel.

Not unlike the airline, you have to pay for any extra amenities such as TV, wireless internet access and housekeeping services. You can experience this unique way of life at Dutch Canal Boat hotel, but bear in mind that the scenery around this canal is quite the opposite of the grandiose canal belt in the city centre. This boathouse is moored in a green and quiet neighbourhood precisely between the districts Nieuw-West and Amsterdam Zuid. The spacious vessel is pleasantly decorated and includes an outside seating area, a small kitchen and a luxurious bedroom and bathroom.

Stay in a variety of different dorms from 2-, 4- and 6-bedders to large dorms that include metal bunk beds, a sink and in-room showers and toilets, not to mention the standard orange and grey company colour scheme. A computer lounge for surfing the net is also available as well as a lively bar. Quick Picks Most Amsterdam visitors only stay in the city for a few days, so time is usually precious. But not everyone wants to visit museums, eat at stylish restaurants or get drunk at a pub watching football all day. It specialises in a huge number of American craft brews or pour your pints from your very own tap at De Bierfabriek on the Rokin.

See: Sightseeing will cut into your drinking time, but you can always combine the two activities with a visit to the Heineken Experience or the House of Bols Cocktail and Genever Experience. Both venues are located walking distance from one another so you can do both in one day. Naturally, the Red Light ladies on Oudezijds Achterburgwal are also at your disposal.

If you need to bring something back for the Mrs. A more central option is Het Karbeel on Warmoesstraat where you can share a fondue or candlelit Pasta e Basta on Nieuwe Spiegelstraat where the professional staff also sing popular arias and love songs at your table. Drink: Start with a glass of wine. Skip human contact by buying your food from a FEBO coin operated wall of snacks or grab some of the best frites in town at Manneken Pis on the Damrak. Drink: The farther you get away from the city centre, the cheaper the drinks will get.

Shop: The best souvenirs are often edible so head over to any supermarket and buy yourself some aged cheese and stroopwafels. See how cheese is made at Amsterdams Kaashuis on Haringpakkerssteeg and taste free samples. For something a little more exotic try Yamazato, a Japanese restaurant with a Michelin star, at the Hotel Okura. Do: How does a day at the spa sound? Visit Spa Amsterdam Zuiver at Koenenkade 8 Amsterdamse Bos for a day of massages, saunas, swimming pools and beauty treatments. Here are some of the best.

You can also take a backstage tour for a behind the scenes look at the marionettes and costumes. Opening times vary. Young and old enjoy jumping, back flipping and flopping on 32 connected trampolines. The management decided that their adult male presence was just too stern and would prevent kids from being, well, kids.

Open , Sat - The usual ponies, donkeys, pigs, rabbits, goats and sheep are also on hand. T 58 Amsterdam In Your Pocket. QHerwijk 10, tel. Adults are only admitted with children and only have to pay an entrance fee for their kids. Visserplein 7, tel. European plugs are a must. Lions guard the National Monument on Dam Square facebook. Photo: Ruud Balk Although the cynical among us could view this museum located in the original Philips factory from as pure company propaganda, we actually believe that this modern museum gives an interesting overview of this multinational giant that, until recently, played such a crucial role in Eindhoven's history.

Shopping Amsterdam has it all as far as shopping is concerned from the big brands to hip little boutiques. J Amsterdam Arena Arena boulevard 1, tel. Upcoming matches at Amsterdam Arena: Muckraker Upton Sinclair was a champion for social justice in American industries such as meatpacking The Jungle, , coal King Coal, ,and oil Oil!

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Brutal environmental conditions faced by workers were just one aspect of the horror of their jobs. As a socialist, outdoorsman, and environmentalist, Jack London was a new, activist writer for a new century. His first novel, A Daughter of the Snows , includes a heroine whose values and actions prefigured ecofeminism, much like a character in one of his later works, Smoke Bellew Buck then becomes the leader of a pack of wolves. London inverts the story in White Fang , in which a wolfdog is slowly domesticated.

London provides both an implicit psychological message that we are all a mixture of the wild and the civilized, and a political one that cooperation and socialism are preferable to competition and capitalism. The Sea-Wolf and Martin Eden address these ideas more explicitly. His three Sonoma novels, particularly The Valley of the Moon ,are about personal and societal restoration by consciously reinhabiting the land. This literary utopia was a stark contrast to the failure of his own ranch and his frustrating final years.

London also dabbled in science fiction. Before Adam inverts the macho, imperialist myths of the jungle books of Kipling, Haggard, and Burroughs. Its prehistoric protagonist, Big Tooth, is superior in many ways to the civilized man who has visions about him. His last major work, The Scarlet Plague , is a cautionary tale about the end of civilization. In O Pioneers! A talented young Swedish singer escapes provincial Colorado society to become an opera star in Chicago, but later she returns to the West to gain a deeper sense of her own nature in a more natural setting. A professor who feels alienated from his ostentatious house and materialistic wife in particular, and from modern society in general, remembers a former student who had unsuccessfully attempted to save cliff dwellings in Colorado.

Even though the efforts were futile, the memories inspire the professor to seek a more authentic way of life. Obscure Destinies consists of three stories about the prairie as told by an elderly settler. Most of her later fiction is less nature oriented. This multigenerational mining saga explores conflicting attitudes about our relation to the land and one another. In People of the Valley Waters abandoned autobiographical fiction to create one of his most fascinating characters.

Martiniano, in The Man Who Killed the Deer ,returns to the Pueblo reservation from boarding school as a carpenter, but since his skills are little in demand he also farms and hunts. Eventually 48, acres, including the lake, are returned to the tribe. Laurence Manning wrote ecologically based science fiction in the s and s. His were among the first space exploration stories to focus on social and ecological aspects rather than hard science and action.

In one story, the protagonist emerges from suspended animation to find one society living in balance with nature and, prophetically, another one obsessed by and subservient to computers. In Big Sur, a then-wild and remote area south of Carmel, a literary bohemian finds a sort of paradise in an isolated and primitive but intellectually sophisticated community.

Josephine Johnson wrote several nature-oriented novels, the most famous of which was her Pulitzer Prize-winning debut Now in November The daughter of a Midwestern farmer tells of the tribulations of the Dust Bowl and Depression years balanced by the wonders of nature. As a Quaker, Johnson was a pacifist, environmentalist, and champion of social justice. These concerns are expressed very effectively in her nonfiction book The Inland Island A collection of her short stories was published by the University of Florida Press in Her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God contains detailed evocations of the Florida landscape and of people living close to the land, including a vivid depiction of living through a hurricane.

Few writers so brilliantly evoke both character and place as William Faulkner. Much of his work is set in the fictitious Yoknapatawpha County, which resembled his own Mississippi Delta home. The relation of the rural Indians, blacks, and whites to the land and to each other is an underlying theme. Of particular ecocritical note are Go Down, Moses ,which links the destruction of the land with slavery, racism, and poverty, and the magic realist novella The Bear The latter is also included in Big Woods ,a collection of hunting stories that explore the relation between human exploitation and the balance of nature.

What Faulkner was to Mississippi, John Steinbeck was to California, albeit in a more overtly political manner. In Dubious Battle ,a fictionalized account of an actual apple pickers strike, demonstrates that integrity and strength of character are essential, but that the individual must be part of a larger, organized group in order to maintain that integrity and just compensation.

The depictions of the Central California coast and tide pool ecology are very vivid. Steinbeck wrote two green novellas that are appropriate for readers of all ages. The Pearl is an adaptation of a Mexican folktale in which a fisherman finds a huge pearl that causes unexpected misfortunes for his family when it is removed from the sea.

Aldous Huxley was concerned about the misapplication of technology, particularly its dehumanizing aspects and environmental consequences. The Savage, a rare natural-born child in the Brave New World of engineered babies, becomes alienated by the shallowness of a mechanized, soulless society. In the convoluted Ape and Essence ,a movie director finds a script set in America, which has been ravaged by nuclear war and inhabited by devil-worshipping mutants.

In Island an oilfield developer tries to overthrow the antitechnological native government of an idyllic island but then realizes that his life has been empty and miserable compared to that of the inhabitants. Huxley may have influenced two other famous dystopian British authors, George Orwell and William Golding. His semiautobiographical frontier novel The Big Rock Candy Mountain marked the beginning of a bright literary light that shone for fifty years.

Despite its promising title, the first sequel, Second Growth , is not particularly ecofictional. The long-delayed second sequel, Recapitulation , is more nature oriented. Two senior citizens continue to seek their roots, their place in society, and their place in the natural world. The book depicts the negative effects of a boom-and-bust extractive economy on people and on the environment. The controversy was dramatized in Fair Use , a play by Sands Hall.

The Hobbit by J. The nature-loving hobbits create something of an ecotopia. As the world was becoming disenchanted by World War II, the Cold War, and early awareness of the current ecological crisis, Tolkien re-enchanted humanity and nature. The books are more philosophical, poetic, and contain a much stronger ecological context than the movie versions. George R. Each chapter covers a day in the life of the raging rainstorm, revealing how natural elements combine to create and shape it, how officials respond to it, and how the unprepared become its victims.

Fire is an account a massive forest fire, containing asides about history, ecology, meteorology, forestry, and related topics. Two rangers serve as personifications of the opposing views of John Muir and Gifford Pinchot on the appropriate roles and uses of national forests, a conflict that continues to this day. Ish meets Em, an African-American woman, with whom he has children and eventually forms a small community with other survivors. The preponderance of postwar fiction trumpeted the benefits of technology, but Clifford Simak, Jack Vance, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, and many other science fiction authors were more cautionary voices.

Much of the ecofiction of the s was science fiction that analyzed the misapplication of science. City is a collection of tales supposedly written by dogs after they become the dominant species and a peaceable kingdom with respect for all life-forms emerges. City foreshadows such developments as back-to-the-land hippies, cocooning high-tech yuppies, and the animal rights movement.

In the next five thousand years the remaining people expand their minds instead of their technology, and even the robots that remain from the earlier times begin to serve God. With his first novel, Player Piano ,Kurt Vonnegut evinced a distrust of technology that is consistent throughout his work. Representatives of the technological First Foundation and the mentalic Second Foundation arrive on Gaia, a planet where all organisms are separate individuals sharing the overall consciousness of the planet itself. Asimov contrasts the violence, pettiness, and arrogance of other worlds against the peaceful higher consciousness of Gaia.

The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth is a satirical exploration of a planet ruled by advertising. The expansionist nature of advertising hastens overpopulation, resource depletion, and pollution. Chaos and violence develop most places, but a small group in England begins to develop a more ecologically based society. It grows at amazing speed, takes over everything, and stymies every attempt to stop it.

This groundbreaking cautionary tale about the effects of nuclear testing and development is still powerful and relevant forty years later. In Walter M. Miller leaves the reader wondering whether the knowledge that could revive technology might also lead to further wars. Three philosophical novelists who emerged in this period included environmental considerations in some of their works. John Hersey is best known for his books about World War II, but he has also written on other subjects.

In The Marmot Drive ,a Welsh farmer decides that all varmints must be moved off his farm, with disastrous results. My Petition for More Space is a cautionary tale about a near-future society where people must wait in long lines for permission to have a baby, protein, or more than the bare minimum of living space. Blues , a blend of fiction and nonfiction about the Florida bluefish, is a consideration of the web of life, as are some of the stories in Key West Tales Arguably the most important and enduring new green voices to emerge from this period were those of Peter Matthiessen and Edward Abbey.

At Play in the Fields of the Lord is highly poetic, dramatic, and exciting, painfully poignant, challenging, and philosophically complex. It is a clarion call for the preservation of natural environments and indigenous cultures and thus the salvation of our own souls. The fishers persist in trying to maintain a traditional fishery and lifestyle against the odds, despite a sense of doom about the voyage and their very lives. Vogelin dies and the ranch is lost, but his grandson Billy and the remaining southwestern wilderness represent hope for natural and personal renewal.

His work harks back to the first half of the twentieth century in Kentucky, contrasting it to the present day. Berry examines seven generations of a farm family in his Port William series, which began with Nathan Coulter and currently runs through Andy Catlett What spurred this sudden and rapid development? The war, and the domestic upheaval that attended it, symbolizes well the two decades of dizzying change that have led to hard-edged maturity in western American letters. If present trends are counter-cultural, they are counter-cultural in a generative sense, expanding limits, testing values, seeking the universal in the particular.

This is particularly true in the case of ecodefense and other environmental action novels. California and the Southwest were relatively lightly populated areas with spectacular biodiversity until the mid-twentieth century. According to the U. Census, the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada doubled in population between and ,from a combined total of only 2,, people to 4,, Today the population of Maricopa County, Arizona, alone is greater than the population for the entire region. Abbey, Nichols, and Eastlake all moved from the East to the Southwest during this period and were angry eyewitnesses to these changes.

Meanwhile, in California, Callenbach was laying a literary blueprint for a new, peaceful, ecologically based, cooperative society in Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging For more on Callenbach, see chapter 8. Alas, it would seem that ecodefense and ecotopias have flourished in literature to a far greater extent than they have in society.

These authors announced a revolution, but what happened instead was more political contention over development and environmental degradation, and the evolutionary mainstreaming of environmentalism and feminism, which have become better integrated into daily life today than they were thirty years ago. To offer a gastronomic analogy, there may not be as many vegetarian restaurants now as there were then, but there are far more restaurants where a vegetarian has a wider selection of choices.

Over the past quarter century, many new authors have emerged and a wide variety of ecofiction continues to be written. This chapter will consider the major subdivisions of contemporary ecofiction. Indian cosmology is also reflected in the works of non-Native authors, most notably Frank Waters.

Other novelists draw on a wide variety of philosophical and religious traditions both ancient and modern. Although some of their works are ruminative, many others are exciting and action packed. His first collection, The Watch ,introduces the themes of crossing the internal and external boundaries between civilization and wildness; predatory relationships, captivity, escape, and quests; characters with incredible speed, power, and endurance; and the inherent magic of nature, often expressed in luminescence. In Platte River his fiction becomes more complex and fantastic. Myth and magic are intertwined with natural history and family relationships in the title novella, the story of a near-wilderness ranch in West Texas.

Geologist Wallis learns to love the valley and decides not to reveal his oil discoveries, but his boss, old Dudley, finds his map and the drilling proceeds. Bass turns to historical fiction in The Diezmo , a powerful account of the psychological, social, and, to a lesser extent, environmental horrors of war. He returns to ecofiction in the short-story collection The Lives of Rocks Jim Crace writes philosophical and political fiction, often with a strong environmental element, particularly the relationship between traditional and modern cultures in Continent and A Gift of Stones Arcadia and Signals of Distress introduce an element of ecodefense.

James Dickey probes the link between the male psyche and wilderness in two very different novels. In Deliverance ,four men test their masculinity on a river trip, but are confronted by vicious rednecks. Entering Fire includes a cautionary subplot about cloning. In The Jade Cabinet, a woman leaves an industrialist who has abused both nature and her. Phosphor in Dreamland is her most overtly ecological book. Zulus is a dark fantasy about the last fertile woman on Earth after a nuclear war. In Watershed , when an African-American hydrologist discovers a clandestine toxic dump and a dam to divert contaminated water into an Indian reservation, he reluctantly becomes involved in a struggle between aim activists and the fbi.

A big-game hunter sets his sights on the Grand Canyon as a site for commercial hunting, but he is thwarted by an unexpected alliance of Native American shamans, Zen masters, his own son, and Mother Nature herself in Grand Canyon, Inc. He rails against the destruction of the forest and moves from words to action when he pours sand in the gas tank of a bulldozer. Dalva is a multigenerational saga. The themes of people being shaped by their landscapes and of the restorative value of nature are explored in depth, this time with a female protagonist named Dalva. Her quest is to meet her son Nelse, whom she was forced to give up for adoption.

The Woman Lit by Fireflies contains three tales of individual resistance to oppressive social forces. Julip profiles three individuals coping with adversity whose relationships to animals help heal them from the psychic imbalances of modern life. His equilibrium slowly returns during a stay at an Arizona ranch where he learns to ride a horse and begins a project to poetically rename the birds of America.

Harrison spins more variations on the themes of masculinity and the relation between self, civilization, and nature in The Beast God Forgot to Invent The title novella contrasts two men, a semiretired rare book and real estate dealer and a brain-damaged youth who experiences the world anew every day. In True North David Burkett IV is consumed by an urge to reveal the damage his ancestors had done to the forests of northern Michigan in order to expiate his guilt about it.

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For his romance, Farmer, see chapter 6. He intersperses insect sightings with observations on family, life, and nature. Daniel Quinn espouses a radical deep ecological outlook that civilization took a wrong turn with the invention of agriculture and must return to nature and tribal modes to survive even another century. The Story of B is a similar dialogue between a priest and an expatriate radical preacher.

Quinn utilizes the graphic novel format in The Man Who Grew Young , in which human life and history both travel backward to the beginning of civilization. The stories in In Persuasion Nation focus on the cycle of greed, waste, competitiveness, and conformity in a world driven by advertising and consumption. Through encounters with people of other races and creatures of other species her protagonist learns to reject the whole concept of the self versus the other to perceive the underlying unity of society and nature.

In A Drink Called Paradise Svoboda seems to refute this position, as a woman fails in her attempt to go native and is then hauled away after she may have been exposed to radiation from a bomb test or accident. No redeemer appeared for the animals; however, none was needed. Ramparts: Unseeing Eyes by Turf full name and Joel Mouclier is a graphic novel about deep ecology. William T. Technology is used primarily for conquest, making harmony with the inhabitants or the possibility to learn from them virtually nil.

Published to date: vol. East Garrison by G.

Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker The Berry

Weger is a consideration of human ecology, habitat ecology, and the psychological effects of war. In Lowboy by John Wray, a sixteen-year-old paranoid schizophrenic believes that the only way to cool down the world is to cool down his own body and the only way to do that is to find a girl willing to love him. They have frequently appeared in art, folklore, and literature ever since, and are well represented in the works of many Native American authors discussed in chapter 4 and Australian Aboriginal authors in chapter 5.

In Our Nature: Stories of Wildness is about the human animal. Also see chapter 8 for animal-oriented science fiction by David Brin, Vonda N. Some authors are incredibly accurate in their depictions of wildlife. Paleontologist Rob T. Bakker takes us back to the time of the dinosaurs in Raptor Red Three naturalists who have written many books for young adults and children have also written fiction for adults.

One author stands above the rest in his nuanced portrayal of animals, the human animal, and nature in general: naturalist Barry Lopez. Although Lopez is best known for his nonfiction e. The hardships of mere survival, the relationships between people and animals and among animals, and the changes wrought by the coming of civilization are considered with great clarity and an utter lack of nostalgia or pretense. Elizabeth M. Frenchman Bernard Werber studied ants for fifteen years before writing Empire of the Ants , trans. In the sentimental animal stories of modern times, the beasts act as themselves, but most often in situations related to men and exemplifying passions and virtues interesting in men.

Pat Murphy steps beyond anthropomorphizing to actual transformation. Nadya The Wolf Chronicles features a rather wild woman who feels bound by the social constraints of nineteenth-century America, so she travels across the continent until she finds a place to be both woman and wolf in the Oregon wilderness. Several authors employ allegory, sometimes via magical realism. Lloyd E. Several stories in T. Ecofeminist perspectives can be found in the work of a wide variety of creative writers. Several anthologies are available, including Sisters of the Earth Lorraine Anderson, ed.

Wild Women Sue Thomas, ed. Although there seem to be no similar anthologies published since , ecofeminist novels have proliferated. Other important precursors of ecofeminist fiction include S. They argued that the land had an inherent value, and should be worked with as opposed to worked over as naturally as possible. The landscape is often represented as feminine and sacred. These authors are covered in chapter 2. Ecofeminist fiction experienced an incredible flowering between and as the feminist and environmental movements grew and coalesced.

Six current multiple literary award-winning ecofeminist novelists deserving particular attention are Andrea Barrett, Ursula K. See chapter 8 for Le Guin. In Secret Harmonies , a gifted young singer loathes how the medical research animals at her job are mistreated while her retarded sister develops a special affinity with them. When Grace Doerring attends an acid rain conference in China with her older husband in The Middle Kingdom ,she realizes that her marriage to the cold, imperious man is a failed experiment in the science of love.

In The Forms of Water octogenarian Brendan Auberon fools his nephew Henry into helping him abscond from a nursing home so he can visit his boyhood home, now immersed beneath a reservoir. Ship Fever is a collection of seven short stories and a novella, half being set in the present and half in the eighteenth or nineteenth century.

The characters tend to be naturalists, ecologists, collectors, scientific illustrators, healers, and their families, friends, and lovers. Scenes of the wonders and horrors of the Arctic expedition alternate with those of Lavinia, brothers Copernicus and Linnaeus, and her friend Alexandra Copeland creating illustrations and paintings, working with sponsors and publishers, and worrying about the fate of their loved ones.

Many of the stories included in Homeland and Other Stories concern the challenges to family farms and a traditional rural way of life. Her first novel, The Bean Trees ,interrelates the issues of adoption, the Central American refugee sanctuary movement, and relations between Anglo and Native Americans as Taylor Greer informally adopts an abandoned Cherokee baby. Brenda Peterson offers ecofeminist perspectives on family life and on the unity of all living things. In her first novel, River of Light ,farmer Lloyd Sloan is not at peace with the land, his abused wife, Nettie, or his traumatized son, Ira.

Her first novel, Barn Blind ,is about the conflicts between a ranch woman and her four sons. The Greenlanders has a very different setting, fourteenth-century Greenland, but also considers family relationships while introducing her second primary concern, the relationship between people and the land. Moo ,a satire of academic life at a rural university, portrays faculty as a dysfunctional extended family. Horse Heaven is an extended romp through the world of thoroughbred horse racing.

It contains a subtle plea for animal welfare and animal rights. She is best known for The Color Purple ,filmed ,which has an ecological subtext contrasting love and nature with hatred and social repression. The Temple of My Familiar moves between centuries and continents to explore relations between genders, races, and species. She does not propose that all tribal practices are enlightened and is particularly opposed to female circumcision, the subject of Possessing the Secret of Joy , which links oppression of women with that of the earth.

The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart consists of fourteen highly autobiographical short stories, with primary emphasis on social and emotional issues and secondary emphasis on the environment. See chapter 5. Ecofeminists have made major contributions to the genres of science fiction and mystery writing. See chapters 8 and 9. The point is to stop corporate or government violence against the environment.

The Monkey Wrench Gang was praised as a literary masterpiece by some and castigated as a mere comic book by others, but it is neither. Vietnam veteran George Washington Hayduke, river guide Seldom Seen Smith, dentist Doc Sarvis, and his assistant Bonnie Abzug team up to remove survey stakes, torch billboards, destroy heavy equipment, and eventually attack a huge open-pit coal mine.

Their ultimate target is the hated Glen Canyon Dam. When the gang is tracked down, Hayduke seems to die in a hail of gunfire. In the epilogue, Smith, Sarvis, and Abzug settle in a pastoral haven and are visited by Hayduke and Burns. Hayduke explains that it was merely his decoy that was shot and congratulates Smith and Sarvis for destroying a bridge to facilitate his escape.

The Monkey Wrench Gang has sold over a half million copies, generated endless controversy, and inspired countless activists and authors. Abbey warns readers of Hayduke Lives! The tone, style, and events are similar to that of MWG, but this sequel caricatures the younger activists, particularly ecofeminists and New Age devotees. Typically, Abbey ended his writing career by amusing many while offending friend and foe alike. Nevertheless, the very idea that old ecowarriors would keep on fighting to the end provides inspiration and hope.

After a frantic cross-country drive, they wind up in Montana intending to blow up a small earth-filled dam that is ruining fish migration. They succeed, but Tim is killed when he tries to save a cow wandering onto the dam. Walker and a local farmer fail in legal efforts to stop the condos and resort to ecotage. See chapter 4 for King and McNickle. Ecotage is just one of many forms of defending the environment, as the following books demonstrate.

Three critically acclaimed modern western agrarian struggle novels are particularly notable given their strongly developed characters, exciting adventure, and emotional impact. The developers are surprised by the gritty and effective resistance of the residents. Similar books abound. Leaving the Land by Douglas Unger is about a family struggling to keep its farm against economic pressure created by agribusiness price manipulations and other forms of financial pressure.

In Home Is the River , by the appropriately named M. A century later, her rebellious great-granddaughter clashes with her upscale husband about the future of the land. Ecoheroes also fight corporate, governmental, and military environmental crimes. Gain by Richard Powers links cancer and industrial pollution. The philosophy of Ayn Rand is skewered in the persona of an absurd architect who plans to build mile-high skyscrapers.

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld draws from an experience in his youth, the inundation of farmland and wilderness when the Swift River was dammed in ,in Stillwater Physician Michael Palmer writes medical thrillers. The deaths of several pregnant women are not actually from Natural Causes but from a dangerous herbal supplement.

Miracle Cure is about pharmaceutical companies circumventing safe testing to get their unproven products on the market. Some green adventure novels take place under water. Other green adventure novels take place on the sea or the coast. Passages from an imaginary text on the ecology of the Cape are interspersed throughout the story. Kramer , in which the Free the Beaches movement blasts mansions off the shoreline. Nuclear power and weapons, with their horrifying consequences, are frequently the concern of activists. Africa and South America are the sites of many environmental struggles.

Elephant protection is the subject of several books. Carl A. Considering the extent of environmental racism toxic waste dumps in ghettos, destruction of communities through eminent domain and gentrification, etc. Endangered species are protected in Extinction anthology, ed. McMullen is a moving account of a Vietnam veteran hunting the Florida panther in order to help save it and his own soul. This story is based on an incident that led to the Endangered Species Act. She travels to the Salton Sea to help rescue the victims of the worst bird die-off in history.

Wilson deftly explores a variety of issues, including bonobo preservation, animal welfare, human overpopulation, the conflict between fundamentalist Christianity and science, the relationship between human poverty and warfare and species extinction, feminist and environmental politics, and nature-oriented spirituality. Sometimes the endangered animals act in their own defense. In Margaret St. The dolphins, now threatened by pollution and mistreated by naval scientists, communicate telepathically with a small group of humans to set captive dolphins free.

Thirty years later the dolphins contact them again to help save them and humanity from destruction. By the year Southern California is a dystopia of global warming, choking pollution, rapid extinction of species, and urban decay, badly in need of A Friend of the Earth Unfortunately, Ty Tierwater believes that one must be an enemy of humanity to be a friend of the earth. Boyle satirizes the excesses of both the radical environmental movement and industry, particularly logging, but manages to convey some compassion for both the earth and humanity.

Hoffman resorts to guerilla warfare, including cutting down billboards. Smokeout by S. Date features unscrupulous tobacco lobbyists and that rarest of all species, an honest politician in Florida. Dianne Mott Davidson has written a dozen culinary mysteries, one of which, Killer Pancake ,includes activists protesting animal testing for cosmetics.

Boyle is a satire of the nascent health food and health resorts movement in the early s. Ruth L. In her All Over Creation , Idaho is the setting for a confrontation between organic farming advocates and biotechnologists. In Lawrence G. Powerful, poetic language and ironic black humor provide comic relief in this otherwise grim tale. There are alternatives.

Some are set on other planets, real or imaginary. Kim Stanley Robinson has explored utopias set in California, Antarctica, Mars, and elsewhere in the universe. Ursula K. Le Guin initially considered the complexities of utopias in The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia , but Always Coming Home focuses more intently on the subject.

See chap. In Mirabile ,Janet Kagan depicts genetic engineering, which proves to be somewhat unpredictable, being used to create a utopia on the titular planet. Doris Lessing chronicles millions of years of evolution toward a more ecotopian society in Canopus in Argos Other ecotopias are set on Earth. Karen Tei Yamashita sets hers in the jungle in Brazil-Maru Brad Leithauser has created Freeland, an imaginary island where the people live an existence of gritty Nordic self-sufficiency. The Friends of Freeland fight modernization from the kitchen table to the voting booth. An ecologist who has written practical nonfiction books on building an alternative society, Guy Dauncey might be considered a New Age Ernest Callenbach.

Earthfuture: Stories from a Sustainable World consists of forty very short stories intended as the seeds of a more positive future. He mixes an imaginative brew of high technology and shamanism in a series that is as delightful as it is thought-provoking. It may be romantic and sentimental, or gritty and more realistic. Ecodefense novels taking place in the countryside are action oriented, seeking to save or reclaim the land.

The activist elements in these books are related to a simpler lifestyle and to preserving or restoring the land. Like Cinderella, he gave her all of the cleaning and cooking to do, while poor Sue fought back tears and thought about how the other brides she knew must have hit the jackpot with doctors, soldiers and other good, handsome men. Jessica is a mail order bride who is beginning to fall in love with her new husband, Edward. Before they head back to the house, however, he has a lot on his mind. Raven is her own girl and ends up in the craziest sexual scenarios. Tonight, she's dragged out to an Eyes Wide Shut style nightclub where anything goes.

When she meets a suave, alpha male stranger in the night, it goes from just another night at the club, to the erotic experience of a lifetime Dean, my Psychology professor. It is my dream to open my own practice and never settle for ordinary things. Little did I know what kind of adventure was in store for me, the day Professor Dean became my mentor.

Our connection is unconventional, but no man makes my heart skip like him, no man completes me like him… As I step out onto this journey of growing up and discovering womanhood, I pray that the wings of love catch me. Travis stood to his feet, spun Yolanda around and hoisted her into the air, pressing her against the shower wall and spreading her legs wide apart onto his shoulders.

He continued his tongue magic, nibbling her inner thighs and flicking his tongue against her throbbing clit, to the point that her pussy throbbed with fire and passion. It was against every instinct that he felt on the inside, but Travis lowered her to the ground and pressed his back against the shower door. The back of her head rested against the shower, as she squirmed under the delight of the pleasure she just received, along with the hot water pulsating against her inner thighs.

She had to close her legs and back away from the water to escape it. Yolanda crawled over to Travis and kissed him passionately on his lips, enjoying the taste of her own juices. Travis smiled gleefully looking into Yolanda's eyes. He hadn't thought about it that way, but loved her stance on it. Martina is reeling after she and her husband decide to call it quits. Still in her twenties and only a week after the ink on the divorce papers are dry, she seeks newness in her life by applying for an assistant job at the technology company Rollins Enterprises. To her shock and awe, Martina gets hired right away and has to board the jet with handsome young billionaire Mr.

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Since their work is top secret clearance to the highest degree, they both face termination and prison time for their indiscretions. Jessica gets a second chance, as long as she comes up big on her next mission, in which she must shadow and infiltrate the operation of Nikolai Turov, a Russian billionaire that the United States government wants information on. While mending her broken heart and focusing on her new mission in Russia, Jessica quickly falls into the good graces of Nikolai, who has an affinity for beautiful black women.

He also is going through pain and hardship in the game of life and love similar to Jessica, blurring the lines of secret identity, professionalism, love and lust. Can this beautiful spy find the answers she needs about her place in life, while making sense of love, past and present? This story is intended for mature audiences, due to sexual content. When Rachel gets close to her boss, Mr. Realizing that time is short, they tear each other apart, as Lawrence throws Cindy around the apartment, taking her on the couch and giving her rug burns all over her bottom, as he pounds her out on the floor.

A surprise turn of events at the end of their session shows them just how far their feelings have progressed. She's a college student staying with her soccer coach for the weekend for a camp. Coach Johnson's wife is out of town, which prompts Sheila to flirt with him endlessly. After she flaunts her stuff around the house, Coach Johnson is horny to the point that he can't take it, and teaches Sheila a lesson she won't forget, nailing her hard on and rough. She began testing him with little games for her own entertainment.

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