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The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Besides Father Time reminding him that he heralds the season and not a holiday, Mother Nature accuses him of attempting to upstage Santa by freezing a volcano in Hawaii , making it snow in the Amazon, and making it cold in Mexico thus sending the geese back up north for the winter. All the other Legendary Figures agree that a punishment needs to be invoked against him with the idea to suspend him.

He manages to convince them to put him into community service at the North Pole. When Scott brings up the part with the in-laws during an argument with him, Cupid recommends the "Escape Clause" which he declines. When Jack asks what it is, Father Time tells him that he would know more about it if he attended the meetings more often. Scott reluctantly agrees with a warning to him if he does anything wrong on his watch. Scott manages to get them to "Canada" with the help of the Sandman. However, Jack, who wants to have the power and influence of Santa, goes around the North Pole and uses his powers to create technical problems with some of the equipment.

The shop flies into chaos and many gifts are destroyed, and Scott is faced with the possibility that there will not be enough toys for all the children in time for Christmas.


Jack talks to Head Elf Curtis Spencer Breslin , as Bernard has quit, retired, or on vacation at this point about the Hall of Snow Globes, and discovers that Scott's can be used to activate the Escape Clause, the most powerful one of all. This one can help the current Santa escape from his job as Santa; if he holds his snow globe and says, "I wish I had never become Santa at all", the Escape Clause is triggered, and he can return to the point where he became Santa and prevent the event from occurring.

Scott takes a quick break to show Lucy the Hall of Snow Globes, and gives her a magical one that shows her hugging a snowman, which turns pink because her hugs are so filled with love and warmth. As they leave, Jack sneaks into there and steals Scott's, freezing Neil and Laura when they catch him.

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After further attempts at sabotage, he manages to enrage Bud and Sylvia, and gives Scott a gift as he talks about his frustrations. Not realizing what he is doing, he is persuaded into uttering the Escape Clause while opening his gift and taking out his snow globe. He and Jack are sent back in time to his front yard, where, twelve years earlier, he caused Santa to fall off the roof and donned his suit to become the new Santa. Jack reaches the suit because the past Scott does not due to the snow globe's power and puts it on to become Santa.

Scott's is sent back to the present day, where his non-Santa life is a disappointment as he has been the CEO of his old job for the last twelve years and even works on Christmas Eve.

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He drives over to Laura's house, who treats him very coldly and explains that she and Neil got divorced, revealing that the new timeline has effects on other people as well. Scott also learns that he and Carol never married and that she moved away years ago because "there were not enough local kids in town to terrorize or something".

Laura then gives Scott a magazine that shows the North Pole billed as a resort, which he recognizes as Jack's handiwork. He flies there via commercial airliner and is stunned at what he sees; as the new Santa, Jack has taken the commercialization of Christmas to the extreme by transforming the North Pole into a tourist attraction where wealthy parents can pay to have their kids put on the nice list.

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In addition, Christmas is renamed "Frostmas", the elves are miserable unlike the happy, productive workers they were when Scott was in charge , and all the reindeer are confined to a petting zoo. Scott eventually finds Neil and Lucy, although they too are not happy to see him and Neil states that Charlie Eric Lloyd didn't want him to be his father, causing his and Laura's divorce.

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Scott confronts Jack with what he has done and claims his vision of Christmas is not what the holiday is about, but Jack reminds him that he was the one who said "I wish I had never become Santa at all". PS: TO miss out on one escape clause transfer target is careless. The club fast-tracked him to the senior ranks, and they were so keen to keep the midfielder - or at least ensure a big payday if he were to be lured away from the Estadio de la Luz - that they gave him a contract last November with an escape clause of PS35m.

London, Jan 5 ANI : Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has a 70 million-pound escape clause in his new ,pound-a-week contract with the club, under which he could stay in Anfield until just before Christmas. Suarez has 70 mln-pound 'escape' clause in new Liverpool contract.

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  • It was such lop-sided negotiations - a huge wage and a written escape clause - that made Everton's David Moyes pull the plug on his talks after Ba had left West Ham. Time for worry again on Tyneside. But town hall chiefs are to now activate an escape clause which will see up to staff transferred back to the council.

    Sefton axes pounds 65m Capita private sector contract; politics. It stinks, Aiden, especially if your wee "victory" encourages other ignorant road piggies to crawl out of their motorised styes to try to find a legal escape clause.