Story of a Holocaust Survivor

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The stories of three Holocaust survivors living in Dublin

Janine was born in Lwow, Poland in Persecution of Jews in Lwow started very quickly after its German occupation in Janine and her family were forced to move to an area on the outside of town in preparation for the establishment of a ghetto. On hearing that there would be a Nazi raid one day, Janine, her mother, and her brother hid in a hole that had been dug under the wardrobe. The Nazis discovered the other members of her family and her father was shot and he and her brother were deported to a concentration camp.

Janine was moved to the ghetto and her uncle was able to find her a non-Jewish family outside of the ghetto who were prepared to hide her. She then went to live with another family with her brother but one day the Polish daughter of the family brought home an SS officer so she was forced to flee.

The Real Life Story of a Holocaust Survivor - RNC

Her brother was killed by the SS officer. She managed to find work as a shepherdess where she remained until the family she was living with learnt of her Jewish identity.

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Together, they left for Paris. In , Janine came to England to improve her English where she met and married her husband. She gets a kiss from her meal partner Donna Turner. Photo by Bill Alkofer, Contributing Photographer.

There are a total of about survivors of the Holocaust in Orange County. Sam Silberberg bears a tattoo on his forearm from the Blechhammer Concentration Camp. Dora Zipper is one of the Holocaust survivors who was hosted by the Jewish Family.

Belarus: An unknown story of the Holocaust brings forgotten camp 'back into Europe's conscience'

One of her meal partners is Nolan Turner. The barn belonged to a Ukrainian farmer who worked for her father. The family saw daylight only after the war ended. With most survivors in their late 80s or early 90s, this group has offered a unique opportunity for younger generations to hear accounts of the Holocaust first-hand, participants say. She has learned Zipper worked as a beautician, a blackjack dealer and owned a restaurant.

Auschwitz survivor’s hidden letter details horror of Holocaust

She also lost two daughters to cancer, Turner said. That stayed with me. Fred Emmerich, who was born in Germany, said his parents left him and his three brothers in an orphanage in Germany before they fled with their sister to China. While it was really difficult, at least our family was safe. Eddie Herskowitz was not as fortunate. A native of Czechoslovakia, his family was taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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