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On my path, beyond just helping me heal my relationship with my cycles, my body and my self, connecting with the Goddess has helped me: Manifest and marry my beloved soulmate Eric, who makes me feel like a goddess every day; Take back my power by quitting a toxic corporate career and commit to my true calling as a sacred feminine coach, spiritual healer, goddess and author; And most blessedly, support women all over the world to reclaim their feminine power, co-create their dreams, and flourish into the goddesses they truly are.

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The path to reclaiming our sacred feminine gifts is one of the most healing and rewarding ones for us women, and reconnecting with the Triple Goddesses within us can initiate us on this journey. But first…. In ancient spiritual traditions, the Triple-Goddess shows up in many guises, and here are just three:. As Greek Persephone, maiden of spring and queen of the underworld, Demeter, earth mother of the harvest, and Hecate, wise, magical crone—the luminous one who has dominion over light and dark forces.

Triple Goddess: Awakening The Maiden-Mother-Crone Within

As fiery Celtic goddess Brigid in her forms as Bride maiden, Brig, warrior mother, and Brigid alchemist and healer. In Hinduism she is Shakti, the one who manifests as all goddesses, but as a Triple-Goddess appears as Sarasvati, the flowering muse of art and all knowledge, Lakshmi, the loving bestower of abundance and success, and Kali, the fierce warrior of destruction and liberation.

The diversity and complexity of each goddess from each trine reveals just how multidimensional the characteristics and gifts of each sacred-feminine aspect are.

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As such, it is important to explore and honor the mysteries and strengths of our own womanhood and each cycle we find ourselves in. It truly is a beautiful, life-long process that once fully appreciated and actualized, empowers us to express our divine feminine wisdom in all its facets.

In doing so, it elevates every part of our lives. If you feel called to connect with your own inner Triple-Goddess, here are three practices to help you embrace Her on a daily basis:. To embody the gifts of pleasure, passion and bliss we receive from the Maiden-Goddess, treat every morning as the fresh start and new beginning that it is, and set a conscious and uplifting intention for yourself. A truly Maiden-Goddess approach is to focus more on how you want to feel all day, and then prioritize our time and energy around your intentions.

Instead, play music or listen to an inspiring podcast that lights up your soul as you get ready. Set time to address them after, or if possible, delegate! So, if you need to dress your kids for school, why not sing and dance with them while doing so?

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  7. Or let them pick something super cute, unmatching and silly with a smile on your face and joy in your heart? When you start the day by intending to honor how you want to feel, the energy behind all your actions and interactions shifts and uplifts. And as that happens more consistently, your outer world begins to reflect your inner world back at you. Honoring our inner Mother Goddess selves is about nurturing and tending to our needs, desires and goals at least as much as we do others.

    Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone

    To harness the tender loving care of your inner Mother aspects, commit to a nourishing daily ritual as a way to feed your heart and soul before you serve and support others. It could be creating a beautiful meal for yourself, taking an afternoon tea break, replenishing your mind-body-soul in nature, indulging in a cat-nap, or just unplugging from the world turning off all social media, email and phone notifications and plugging fully into your beautiful world for at least a small block each day.

    Hearthstone - Heroic The Crone - Warrior (WTF BLIZZ AI)

    As you invest this maternal, loving time to care for yourself, you will have so much more to offer to everyone and everything that you care for, because you will be offering from an overflowing chalice, rather than an empty one. I think that Cersei's arrest was independent of any Littlefinger meddling.

    Archetypes in Literature at MROB

    Not only that, but Cersei being arrested doesn't mean shit to Olenna if her grandkids are still imprisoned. I think he wasn't giving Lancel to Olenna in a literal sense, but in the sense that he could point her to him. That could be wrong, but they have absolutely no way of proving Gendry is Robert's son even if Littlefinger knows. Imagine how ripped his arms will be when he finds the mainland. He'll be dual-wielding war hammers. Yeah, he was already muscular, but by he time he arrives, he will be eating white walkers for breakfast :D. A friend and I had discussed the possibility of each of these mythic characters being represented by someone in the series - fell short with the Crone, though, as there isnt really a prominent old lady seer that fits the bill Snow or Sandor as Warrior, Sansa as Maiden, although that one is out the window now too This is a routine exercise among book readers.

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    Leading crone suggestions are Bran off on his vision quest chasing the one eyed raven who is also a decent candidate for Stranger. Right the argument for Bran as a representative of the Stranger coming from his ability to warg into Hodor and the possible implications of that. Plus his book story has advanced further than his show story.

    But Arya is for sure fitting a Stranger archetype, think of Bran's warging similar to Arya's faceless manning only you're alive when Bran wears your skin. I think Arya makes the best fit for the Stranger if she succeeds in becoming Faceless, because that makes her no one, and everyone My guess would be that Stannis is the warrior, Olenna is the Crone, Dany would be the Mother of Dragons, of course , the Smith could definitely be Gendry, possible that Sansa is the maiden even though she isn't a "maid" anymore, and the Father I'm not sure.

    That's fine, I'm just saying that the seven are archetypes which the story's characters embody at different times. Stannis can be the Father and the Warrior at the same time. Melissandre can be the crone even though she doesn't believe in the seven.

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    Bran can be the crone with his greensight or the stranger with his warging into other people. So I don't get one thing. If Gendry is only a bastard of Baratheon, how and why would he outrank both Tommen and Stannis? I get that if the dirty Lannister secret gets out and they get all send to hell, they will look for a Baratheon but isn't Stannis next in line over a bastard? If they die, there would be no royal line anymore. So they legitimize whatever bastard happens to be out there and put him next in line.

    As it happen they both know gendry. Well the common folk are starting to rise under the seven and Gendry has a claim yet is also of the common folk in a way. So he definately would have the support of the people.

    Faith of the Seven

    Some others, like the Tyrells or Littlefinger may also support his claim to gain power. And maybe Daenarys will marry a Baratheon to tighten her grip on the realm. No one gets it because it's just not true. It gets mentioned on this sub because people can't grasp the fact that Gendry serves absolutely no purpose to the story anymore.