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Rather each ending responds only to certain types of stimuli. Skin is loaded with sensory endings. Each sensory ending has physical properties that allow it to detect specific signals. Some have receptors embedded in their membranes that change shape in response to a temperature change or a chemical.

Other endings are embedded within structures that transmit or amplify movement such as pressure or vibration.

touch(1) - Linux manual page

Ultimately, any type of sensory signal—whether it's temperature, movement, or a chemical—needs to be converted to an electrical impulse that can travel along neurons to the brain. To transmit a nerve impulse, little doors called channels on the sensory cells open and close, letting ions pass in and out.

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To get the impulse started, sensory cells need a way to connect the signals to the doors. Explore the illustration below to learn more about the structures found on or around sensory endings and how they work:. Different types of skin have different types and arrangements of sensory endings. As shown above, the skin on the back of the hand, with its embedded hairs, has a different arrangement of sensory endings than the skin on the palm. The hairs, in a way, are part of the sensory system: When a light breeze blows across the skin, the hairs wave, transmitting the air movement to sensory endings in the skin.

The density of sensory endings varies too. Sensory endings are crowded much more closely on the fingertips than on the skin between the shoulder blades. This difference makes sense when you consider how much we use our fingertips to explore the world, and how little we learn through the skin our backs.

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Not surprisingly, these differences are reflected in our brains: the fingertips and mouth have more dedicated brain space than most of the rest of our bodies. Different points on the skin are sensitive to different types of stimuli. You can test this by touching your skin with a fine, blunt probe. The probe will feel different depending on where you place it.

And in many places, you'll feel nothing at all. Ultimately, it's the brain that gives us a sense of what we're touching. I've been trying to set a filemtime into the future with touch on PHP5. It doesn't make much sense but I could save you hours of time.


I has passed a small test to check which function is faster to create a new file. If you're going to go around deleting unlinking files that you don't own just in order to change the modification time on the file, you darn well better chown the file back to it's original ownership after you are done and chmod it back to it's correct permissions.

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Otherwise you will almost certainly break things. Additionally the code listed for touch ing a file you don't own should set the file creation time back to it's original time if what is wanted is to just change the modification time. Read the ownership, permissions, and creation time of the old file. Set permissions and creation time of the new file the same as the old. Rename the new file to the name of the old.

Please be careful adding to the documentation if you've never taken programming Actually, Glen is right, PHP won't touch if it is not the current owner of the file, even if the directory and files are writeable by the PHP user. Note: the script to touch a file you don't own will change it's owner so ensure permissions are correct or you could lose access to it.

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The only way to work around this is to unlink the symlink, then recreate it. It took a bit of searching to discover this. The OS itself provides no way to do it. Many people wondered why anyone would want to do this. I use symlinks inside a web tree to point to files outside the web tree.

After a certain length of time has passed, I want the symlinks to die, so the files cannot be successfully hotlinked. I know the docs say this isn't necessary, but I'm finding that i need to do it in order form my changes to be picked up quickly.

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  6. So, you should be able to use the PHP touch function on a directory that has open write access. Of course, this isn't the most secure approach, but in our application it's not a big deal for that folder to not be super secure.