The Monster in My Closet

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He is sweet, charming, and caring in a way that makes your heart melt.

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He is a great listener, does great in school and is a bit unorganized and talented. He has a sense of humor: he teases people a lot, but only the ones he loves the most. When meeting new people or in an uncomfortable situation when he is vulnerable, he is shy and controlled.

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Sometimes a romantic, he never fails to cheer you up and is almost always in a good mood, unless you piss him off. But he is very spontaneous about what he likes and never fails to show it.

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He secretly wants to be cool, but he hangs out with the people who are just like him. He always has faith in what he believes in. Can monsters really live in your closet? If you were a monster in a closet, who would you like to scare?

There Is a Monster in My Closet Essay

What is the adult's version of a "monster in the closet"? Answered Apr 9, Get a lot of flash lights 2nd. Make sure it's daytime 3rd. Go get a lot of play swords and nife guns 4th. Get the swords, guns and note and stand in front of the closet, gun in hand with note 6th.

Open the door 7th. Start firing and put the note inside 9th.

A Monster In My Closet

Wait until its nighttime 10th. Before you sleep, get your swords and gun and stand infront of the closet door 11th.

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Open the door, sword and gun in hand 12th. Make learning an everyday habit. Each morning, wake up to a new lesson delivered to your inbox. Related Questions Why do so many children believe there is a monster under their bed or in their closet?

There is something in my closet, I think it is a monster. What should I do? - Quora

What gives any child the idea that monsters might actually be in their closet? What is the difference between monsters that hide in your closet and monsters that hide under your bed? What do you remember about the monsters under your bed or in the closet?

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    Are the Mountain Monsters in the TV show real or fake? What is monster parenting? Do you think human is worse than a monster?