Biopolitics, ethics and subjectivation (Esthétiques)

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To support this goal, conducting study sessions, planning workshops, and implementing publishing programs are ongoing endeavors. Integrated Research Projects. The program's main goal is a critical re-thinking of the process of modernity in different historical contexts and institutional structures. Furthermore, the aim is to re-examine East Asia Northeast Asia and construct knowledge of modernity and how it is associated with the formation of the nation-state.

This project is designed as a five to ten year, long-range research plan.

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The cultural studies network is supported by the University System of Taiwan. Additionally, MA and PhD programs are currently based on international research cooperation to promote a more diverse research center. International Conferences Continued research activities within the years of were used to set the main themes of the International Conferences organized by the Institute. Writing In order to implement the above-mentioned long-term research programs, our research teams hold advanced reading sessions and invite current MA and PhD graduate students and colleagues to participate in research activities.

Paris : Editions du Seuil.

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The Names of History: on the Poetics of Knowledge, trans. Hassan Melehy, intro.

Politique et philosophie. Julie Rose. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Paris: La Fabrique. Beyond Foucault and Althusser. Index of Authors.

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Nouvelles publications. Abstract This collective book proposes to re-examine and explore the paradox of modernity through the triad structure of biopolitics, ethics and subjectivation, as it has served as an effective analytic tool for Western cultures Foucault, Agamben, Negri Send by e-mail.

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