The Power of the Resurrection: Towering Above the Challenges of Life

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Over the last few days Psalm has shown me this time and again.

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I get to spend part of the day with my daughter. We have been memorizing scripture in the evenings. I will focus on a few of those verses with her today and talk with her about the hope they offer. Where are you going to find hope? Psalm The shortest chapter in the Bible. Extol him, all peoples! For great is his steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.

Praise the Lord! God wants all people from all nations to praise Him. What am I doing to welcome that? I am going to watch my actions today and stop at lunch and dinner take notes to ask myself if I am including or excluding all people with my lifestyle. Skip to content August 11, Sam Holm 1 Comment. Mt Arbel in Israel. The mountain where the religious leaders would retreat to pray at the time of Christ. Who will I tell?

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My coffee shop friends. Share this: Facebook Twitter Email. Like this: Like Loading August 4, August 4, Sam Holm Leave a comment. July 15, Sam Holm Leave a comment. Curtis and Mason Who can you intercede for today?


July 2, Sam Holm 2 Comments. Hubbard towering above. The guys I am having lunch with today. Stop right now and praise God for Who He is and what He has done. June 18, Sam Holm 2 Comments. This is the mountain most religious leaders would retreat to at the time of Christ to pray. My daughter Anna as I take her to camp this morning. May 30, Sam Holm Leave a comment. My Dad Where are you going to find hope? May 20, Sam Holm Leave a comment.

My friend Luke Are you drawing all people to God or are you pushing people from God? Older posts. Veirano says that Australian companies that have built on their Sydney Olympics experience to become specialists in providing Games services -- for instance, in preparing and cleaning venues -- are bidding in a new round of tenders for Rio.

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But that's no substitute for having the infrastructure in place sufficiently in advance," rather than the couple of months he fears, with the biggest bottleneck being the airports. For years, he says, the government in Rio abandoned the favelas to drug lords. They mostly have running water and electricity, but no security of title: in theory the government still owns the land.

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But recently it has been deploying Pacifying Police Units to recover these areas. In a typical foray, six months ago a UPP force raised the Brazilian flag in the Manguinhos town square and sang the national anthem, celebrating freeing the shanty town from crime bosses. Last New Year's Eve, foreigners joined in parties held in the top floors of structures in the favelas, which -- clinging to hillsides -- often provide the best city views, in this case of the fireworks show.

In past years, outsiders would not have dared to venture to such areas after dark. Rio, with its 10 million people, has regained momentum and, crucially, jobs, not as a result of winning -- to its own surprise -- the world's great games, but in the run up to the events.

It is the focus of a booming offshore oil and gas industry, massive corporations such as Vale and Petrobras have their headquarters there, and unemployment is down to 5 per cent. Carlos Villanova, the communications director for the Olympics, a former diplomat and deputy press secretary for the charismatic former president Lula da Silva, says that the same Rio team had bid three times before without success. This time, the bid was based on the argument that a win for the competitors would not really change Tokyo, Chicago or Madrid, whereas "if it came to Rio, the first time to South America, we could make a leap in development.

It would be transformational. The legacy would include great transportation and sports facilities for a young country. It's very sexy to host the Games in such an environment. For once, all three levels of government -- city, state and federal -- united behind the project. Lula participated at every opportunity.

Power Of The Resurrection Used - Very Good Dvd

Villanova says that "plans that had been gathering dust in drawers" as Rio sank into decades of gloom, "were suddenly brought out and updated". The magnificent Maracana Stadium, built for the World Cup, has already been completely rebuilt for the Cup final, and for the main athletics events and opening and closing Olympic ceremonies. The Games will be held in four zones, connected chiefly by new dedicated bus lanes that will take, at most, 40 minutes.

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The northernmost zone is in a poor area with a young population, where the focus will be on extreme sports likely to engage the locals. The "action man" Mayor, year-old Eduardo Paes, is already using Rio's centre-stage events to catapult himself in to the national arena as a potential president. He is proving astute in devising ways to pay for the Games. For instance, after the bid, Rio learned it had to stage the new sports of rugby union sevens and golf.

He cut a deal with a leading private developer who is building a new course designed by a top American golf planner with no cost to the city, in return for being allowed higher buildings in an adjoining project. The course will be open to the public for 20 years, after which it reverts to the developer. Rio, says Villanova, "will really rock, I promise you. We are the city of carnival. We know how to party. In the bad old 19th-century days when Brazil's elite resisted the British-led campaign against slavery, they created new ports that appeared slave-free, which they showed off to visiting diplomats, while further along the coast, the cruel trade was maintained.

They used the Portuguese phrase para ingles ver, "for the English to see," which remains a term for subterfuge. But in the 21st century the hosting by Rio and Brazil of the world's greatest sporting events will leave no hiding place. Their resurrection will be there for all to see. And what a sight: perhaps the world's most photogenic city and nation.