Highway 62 Revisited

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On the east side of the highway is the popular Hoffman House Hotel. Just to the south of the Cape Horn curve the new roadbed subbase was put down with the heavy rock removed from the mountain making the highway a foot to two feet higher than the surface of the old smaller road. Still further south of Cape Horn the river bed was changed in its course and pushed farther to the west so that the highway curves could be minimized. The Hoffman House Hotel was a very popular dining establishment in the past. At one time Cape Horn had its own tiny population as the highway was smaller and the traffic moved at a slower pace.

Highway 62 Revisited

Many got to and from Cape Horn by trolley car as trolley lines ran through Cape Horn as well as the Pennsylvania Railroad. The Hoffman House was a noted for its seafood. This was in a time before pizza pie became the dominant food of choice in the county. Legend has it that a former president ate there. Some said it was Truman, others said Eisenhower. What's happening at the bottom of society tells you a lot about the top.

Weeks back you saw the 40th anniversary punk reunion in San Francisco with the Mutants, Alice Bag, Avengers, and more. Against the backdrop of the newly gentrified city, did this gig seem like a last howl against local "business as usual"? San Francisco is involved a class war, meaning a war by the top percent on the working class, people of color: workers, artists, students, the longstanding population of the city.

Most of the punks don't wear that on the surface, though some do. The event could have improved its political understanding, but it was a great event. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! On the new album, you worked with Ben Harper extensively.

What does he bring to table? His mother still runs it. He was brought up with folk and roots music and the awareness of the world and history that goes with it. He's a great slide player and was very committed and enthusiastic about the sessions.

Highway 62 Revisited

Did you mean that? I just sing the songs, I don't explain them, but I won't say you're wrong!

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