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This is way more important. You know, like, um, I need some like people to test it out. Let me watch the rest of this before he gets back. Johnny FD: And that really kind of forced me to go through the course. And actually just do the work myself. And I started my own, you know, my first online ecommerce store, you know.

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And I had gone through it and I thought, wow, this is cool. You know? Johnny FD: All right. So, uh, that was kinda like my accidental first room of passive income while I worked on my second one. And how did you choose the products? Like what, what dictated what you were actually deciding to drop shit. And he kind of showed how to do competitive research where you can kind of find holes in the market. And you know, he gave some examples of like, um, Chandaliers and stuff. Like how can you, like if you wanted to by a Chandalier for your house, like where would you go?

You know, you can go to home depot but they might only have one or two, you know, you probably not going to be buy from Amazon. And so you can rank for that in the Seo eventually. He had a big focus on, and this is honestly the biggest benefit of his course was he was like, look, I tried everything. Like this is what worked for me. And I just followed what he said. Sean Tierney: Right. AndW was the methodology or like was it more just common sense, like do this kind of research or was there an actual like playbook, right.

Methodology for forget. You know, like how to do like niche. We searched, you know, like, you know, open a spreadsheet, you know, write down, you know, you can do this.

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We church put down 40 different things. The ads would cost too much. You know, and it was kind of just like process of going through like elimination. Johnny FD: And it was funny was when I had opened my second store, I did it with my girlfriend at the time and she was an English teacher. Cause my, my first one, I was already making pretty good money. You know, we can travel together. So I had her go through the course and they write down 50 possible niches and she really took it seriously.

She really took her time to her, you know, her heart and soul into picking 50 products. And when we sat down to look over it, I just started crossing them out like, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. And she was pissed.

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Johnny FD: She was just like crying and just yelling at me. And I was like, what? And in my mind, I was just following a formula that worked. And in her mind it was like an emotional investment. They get attached to like concepts instead of like thinking rationally through it. Yeah, exactly. Um, okay, so you do the drop shipping business and then how, if at some point you started the invest like a boss and the travel like a boss.

Can I interview for my podcast? And I was like, oh, oh, sure. And I had no idea how complicated it was to record a podcast. I assumed it was like a big, you know, big deal. You know, the first episode, two episodes was about drop shipping, but then the third was about something completely different. Johnny FD: And then I started interviewing people about like Amazon and you know, uh, teespring and like just random things. And I did that, you know, I still have, uh, the travel, like a boss podcasts now where, you know, a couple of times a month I interview people on beat while traveling who have online business.

Johnny FD: But it was kinda like we were both in the same situation, right. Well we were living in Chiang Mai. Basically, you know, and he said, Johnny, you have this podcast, um, can you show me how to start one? And I just walked him through the whole process and he said, actually you want to just do it with me, you know? Johnny FD: And if you had questions like how does this actually work? Um, you know, like what are, you know, like just even really simple things like, you know, what do I do about this? What does it invested in?

What if I want to take the money out? What if it drops in value? And sure there are some things you can find online or the Faq, but we thought, hey, how cool would it be if we could talk to somebody at these companies? And we thought we would just get like one of the wraps or something. We were able to get like the CEOS of these multimillion dollar companies on our show and we were just asking them like straight from the horses mouth, like, we know, what do we do in recession? Johnny FD: What if it drops, you know what if this, and we just started getting like the best answers and we just, you know, pretty much the show became us, you know, calling up companies that we want it we kinda thought were interesting and then we would ask all the questions and then at the end we would either invest in it in ourselves where we want it though and like did they know how much viewership you had at that point or listenership?

But nobody really was interviewing like different types of, of online investing. We had a decent amount because a lot of the people from travel, like a boss can. I met through the same process where they had started a business, started, started saving money and they had money to invest. So they want it to learn as well. So we had a, we had a baseline audience, but it was more that we had a very professional podcast from day one. You know, the audio quality was good, editing was good. The banter between me and Sam was good.

You know, even though was starting out, it made me when he had 30 reviews, but they were all positive. Johnny FD: They want to strip. I think that was a huge part of it was pretty much everybody in the financial world has a motive. They want to sell you their funds, they want to make money from you. You know, every single real estate agent wants to sell you house every single a stockbroker and wants to sell your stock.

We just want to know. And people can really feel that, you know? Just strive to do that. Do you want to sign up for, um, our, my affiliate program? And at first I actually, it was actually a completely by accident, his course, when he first started, it was called somebody called for our millionaire lifestyle trading cars first. It was long and the second was so cheesy that I just was a barest telling people to sign up for something called that because it just sounded so bad. So I bought the domain Antonmethod.

Johnny FD: And luckily he needed, of course later on. But it was like, it, it always kind of it working out, you know, the cool man. So, so at what point were you able to monetize the podcast? So he, uh, eventually, you know, we had companies reach out to us saying, hey, we would like to, to, uh, to sponsor four episodes or, you know, five episodes. So we probably are still losing money from the podcasts.

Well, and to say nothing of just like the influential product, you know, of having all that listenership and like, you know, being able to be credible and go to any conference and people know you like just through the podcast. And I enjoy doing it. You know, I really love doing it. So, you know, eventually we would like to have, you know, more consistent sponsors or wrote big enough for it, which it makes enough money to support itself and maybe even be our full time jobs.

I really love like the two podcasts and also some the nomad summit, which is our conference for digital nomads and actually be starting the invest like a boss summit as well. So, uh, you know, I have two books to be honest. So like we did one, a couple of courses on checking night where we just about random topics into the conference room. We had had more fly in that just to hang out, help me. The cake boss course. We teach each other your marketing. Johnny FD: I have my blog itself, Chaz like my resources page. If people sign up, I still going to get comps for it.

I have links to everything. Am I, uh, what else do I have? Like are things cross promoting other things? Some things are, but most things are not. Uh, if I was smarter, I would have had everything be more cross promoting. Um, honestly I would have had that stuff too. The only reason why I have so many things is I just get excited about trying new things.

And they were like, oh yeah, I make money from this thing. I was like, oh, I should try that too. But, um, then I have all my passive investments. Johnny FD: And then we find people who are going to get a payout over the next three or five years for whatever it is. Got It. But, um, we got it through a company called Yield Tree that we, uh, interviewed the CEO of [inaudible]. So it was really cool. The only bad thing about that is it w they only open it like once in a blue moon. So it was actually really hard for even us to get on.

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Ups and downs. So shift gears here, like at what point did you decide to do this nomad summit? Was that like a logical extension once you had the podcast in place and you just kind of like already had the audience and you just said like what can we do or how did, how did you think to do that? Johnny FD: And it was the first time ever in Chiang Mai, but we had more than like 10 people meet up that were itching on my business.

You know, I had no idea at the time cause I, it was all spread out. It was just like, you know, friends of friends. So this is the first time ever there was like 40 nomads in one place and be like, this is awesome. And I thought this is so cool. I thought, how cool would it be someone to spend the money to rent like a seminar room at a hotel?

Johnny FD: So, you know, super quiet, maybe kind of coffees and a beer and just actually learn from each other. And I remember thinking, you know, I want to do this. Sorry, I sort of going around that room saying, Hey, do you think this would a good idea?

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Or, you know, they had all kind of reasons or excuses not to do it. But I was so kind of driven radio. And I read at a book to a hotel room or a seminar room just on my credit card not knowing if anyone would come. And I made a donation base cause I had no idea if anybody would even come and no one in charge. And what was the average donation for it? It was really hard. Like, just give us 25 bucks each.

If you can provide you, if I can get to x amount and then we can provide water. Johnny FD: So the first year it was kind of just barely break even, but it was fun. It was really cool. Ceilings are super dark, but we loved it. And that one had people come. And then the next year we had people.

And then, you know, last year in or , I guess John 19 as well, we had people. You know, we had moved from the Ebis, sales was kind of like a cheaper hotel, like a three star hotel to the Liberty Inn, which is really nice. And then this year we actually moved to the Shangri la, which is the super posh five star hotel. And we had really nice lunch. Johnny FD: We had a really nice coffee and snacks.

Ep 16: 11 yrs on the road, 800 dives & 18 streams of passive income: Nomad Summit founder tells all

We had this beautiful conference room, beautiful, poor. And you baby stepped your way. True to form. Um, we filmed all the talks I think from the first or second year. So if you want to know about summit, uh, our youtube channel just look for, to know about summit. You can watch all the old videos. Johnny FD: You have this cool kind of show reel that you can share with your audience and you can have an audience of you know, couple hundred people.

But the rule is no sales pitching allowed at all. Um, you know, they can bet you the website, the Ed, but that whole hour has to be like a combination of inspiration and just like tips and techniques like actual value. Cool man. Well I think probably, oh, I do want to ask you some questions like shifters on the podcasting stuff. Sean Tierney: But so how did you transition and delegate that? And I know you use a VA, can you talk a little bit about like how that that works? So I hired an intern while living in Chiang Mai. Um, but I want you to work for me.

Johnny FD: But he also wants to take his own clients. I should probably know this, but, um, but he, yeah, because basically he became, you know, he created a real business out of it. He actually moved back to New York, which is ironic. But I basically trained someone from day one how I want the episode published, where I want it. You know, how one of the edited we, I wanted shared. Um, and you could, you could just hire someone, you know, had them just do it. But I really liked having the control of having them do it my way. But, so he learned it. He did it your way. He went off to do his own thing, but he still knew how to like, he was good enough at doing yours where you kept him on even though he was running a business at that point basically with other clients.

Sean Tierney: You just created an entrepreneur basically in the process of solving your own problem. And I think you know like why not, right? I do have kind of three tactical questions that I try to ask every guest. Um, is there anything else you read that like sculpted your, you know, how you think about the world? So wish dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It really taught me to buy investments.

Uh, and instead of buying it, you know, buying assets and not liabilities. It took me a long time to actually start doing, but at least that seedless kind of. Johnny FD: Cool. And what about, uh, is there any tool that you use on a daily basis?

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Uh, productivity or software or anything that you swear by or even gear if you know, physical item, anything that just really is a staple? So get up, do some air squats, walk around cause water, you know, just take a break and then go back and focus again. I I leave mine in do not disturb all the time and would like use airplane mode right now obviously.

Johnny FD: I thought that was a, yeah, I guess, I mean all these things work around like people use like news feed eradicator for Facebook. But for me, I like having beautiful colors. I like having full access to everything, but I want to do it when I want to do it and not have it tapped me on the shoulder every 30 seconds. I think people who have things like Instagram likes, uh, like show up every time someone likes your Instagram photo on their phone.

Sean Tierney: Cool. All right, last question. Uh, what would you say if you could go back to your former self, like 21 year old, you know, what would you tell yourself to give yourself a better edge? So, uh, would I have done everything in the same? Oh, nice. Or where can we send people? So since you guys all listen to podcasts, subscribe to travel like a boss. If you want to hear weekly interviews with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs, and if you want to learn how to invest, uh, or just kind of, you know, hear interviews with CEOs and other kinds of top bosses, scribed to invest like a boss.

If you guys want to come to the next nomads summit or watch the videos, just going to nomad somebody. Sean is the host of Nomad Podcast and author of the Nomad Prep eCourse to help others successfully transition to the nomadic lifestyle. Read more from Sean on his personal blog.

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Johnny FD knows a thing or two about nomading. He's been doing it since and has successfully created 18 streams of passive income. Learn how he did it. Who Johnny FD: I read? Johnny FD: Yeah, definitely. We designed the van with those two things in mind. Hop, don't jump.

Jeanne Dee , who has been on an around-the-world trip with her husband, Vince, and daughter, says the key to saving money and savoring the experience is to take the slow boat. Dee, who blogs about her family's adventures on her site www. Not only does that save money, but it also lets you see the world from a more meaningful perspective - from the ground.

Don't raise the bar too high. If you expect your life to be a vacation, think again. It doesn't help that thousands of people back in the States are following their trip and "living vicariously" through each post, she adds. These fans can add pressure to make each picture and each post seem like the endless vacation it sometimes isn't. Keep a physical address. That's the advice of J. Kim Wright , an attorney and global traveler currently wintering in Key West, Fla. Also, if you're on prescription medications, you'll need an address - a post office box won't cut it.

For most travelers, a friend or family member's home is a workable address, not to mention a free place to store some of their belongings. Don't spend all your time together. If you're traveling with a partner or as a family, carve out some alone time. Or it can mean you connect with other travelers and go off for a journey sans partner and child. I met my first global nomad, Lisa Lubin, about two years ago. A TV producer by profession, she was on a round-the-world tour www. What impressed me the most about her, apart from her boundless energy, was the way she managed to capture many of those places on video, allowing her readers to experience her adventure vicariously.

There's that word again: vicarious. I think it's the blogs and videocasts made by these nomads that adds to their numbers, maybe as much as the soft economy or shifting demographics. We see - and we want to experience. It inspired me to create my own site, Souvenirist www. I've posted photos and videos of my family's local travels in Central Florida. And next year, we plan to take off and see the world. We don't know where we're going yet or how long we'll be gone. The latest travel trend? Woodrow LandfairPortrait of traveling writer Woodrow Landfair who is nearing the end of his 12 month motorcycle tour of the United States.

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