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Also consider carrying a knife. Not only for personal protection, but a knife that can serve multiple purposes if needed in a pinch. A knife can be used for something as simple as opening a box to assisting in starting a fire. I prefer carrying a folding knife like the Gerber Mini Remix.

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As with firearm laws, please make sure you are aware of the laws for your area before you choose your knife i. If you need help to decide what type of knife would work best for you, check out these tips from Indefinitely Wild. A flashlight can be used for many situations.

Also consider the battery type when choosing your everyday carry option.

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I like the Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight. This flashlight uses a USB to recharge and the light is rated to last 3.

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I had no idea how useful a flashlight would be as part of my everyday carry until I had kids. Imagine sitting in a dimmed movie theater when your little one drops their toy under the seats. That flashlight has been a huge help in tantrum prevention. The good thing about a flashlight is that you can legally carry it anywhere with you, so the only research you really should do is what flashlight will work best for you.

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These simple tools can make a significant difference in being prepared, but you must make sure you are comfortable with them when using for self-defense. When practicing your drawing of the firearm from the holster, make sure you do it safely. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and cleared. When you are doing your drills, make sure you are drawing the firearm with the same intent you would use if you were in a real-life situation are you going to draw slowly if the time comes or will you draw fast.

Go to the range, take firearm training classes, get comfortable with your firearm. Know where everything is located on your person so that you can get to that tool quickly. Build that muscle memory. Love this article! For someone like myself who is just getting started on carrying, this is a great read! If only my budget would allow me to get all of those essential gear like, mag holder, belt, flashlight!

Every Day Carry List - Assessing Threats and Choosing YOUR EDC Items

Nonetheless, thank you for this! Glad you liked it. Is your corkscrew dull?

Prepper EDC: A Practical Woman's Every Day Carry

Is the blade losing its edge? The metal is all squeaky clean, and now, you need to use a throwaway rag and some lube to get the parts all ready to go again. Be sure to check back in regularly for more helpful review guides from Gearhungry. Home Gear Knives. Last updated: 18 Apr Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox Compact. Victorinox Signature Lite. Show contents. Your guide to this review today is by product expert Jordan Carter.

Practical Tactical: 5 Key Features of Cannae’s Everyday Carry Pack

The Best Swiss Army Knife 1. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Knife. Victorinox Executive Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox Trekker Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox Pioneer. Victorinox Cadet Knife. Victorinox EvoGrip Victorinox Explorer.

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