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Next year, New York City is hosting Worldpride. I highly recommend packing up your own BFF and taking that trip. Tags: Canada , equality , gay , lesbian , lgbtq , pride , pride festival , pride parade , same love , Toronto Pride , Worldpride Jun I thank you so much for checking me out and taking an interest in this baby blog. I could not have done it without you! Please stay tuned for more of my ramblings and musings.

And please feel free to tell only your coolest friends about this site. Much love XO. Posted in My Life. Tags: blog , equality , followers , lesbian , lgbtq , thank you , writing. My purpose for creating this mini blog is pure simplicity, all the while combining two parts of myself- my sexual orientation and my mental illness. I plan to showcase media such as photos, gifs, videos, and music.

I also want to make this a designated space for my poetry, which I will be pouring more of myself into here in the future. Tumblr has been around for a little while now, but is growing at an increasingly fast rate. If you have a Tumblr account, or are interested, I recommend checking out my baby blog. I want to have fun with it and with an audience, I can deliver just that! Tags: bipolar , bipolar disorder , blogging , creativity , lesbian , mental illness , sexual orientation , social networking , tumblr , writing.

Skinny, tall, bathed in patchouly, she smiled as I approached. Little did I know she was wearing tiny, booty-bearing Calvin Klein panties under her boyish jeans. She wore them for me. She greeted me with a strong embrace. That dimpled smile gleamed with sexiness. Nervous as shit, I did not let on that I changed my outfit six times before I drove to her apartment. She picked me up and twirled me around as she carried me into the door. Her apartment was clean and a candle flickered on a large glass coffee table.

We got cozy on the couch and she went to turn on some music. She seduced me with Portishead. The ambiance was sensational. The hours flew by and the conversation flowed. My nerves never really calmed down, but I was careful to play it cool. As the time went by, we crept closer to one another. I could not fathom that this girl actually might like me. I was getting incredibly turned on and the heat was rising. I wanted her. Then in one smooth, yet swift motion, our lips collided. The heat overtook me now and her mouth was beyond delectable. Evidently this beautiful girl felt it too, because her hands were making their way beneath my shirt.

The scent of passion filled the air, and we joined together like one hot lava-filled volcano. I think she tried to trick me by buckling her belt to the side, but I must have showed up her game because I got them off with one hand, while my other hand was removing her bra, unveiling two incredibly perky, small pink breasts.

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We somehow made our way to the bedroom, where the rest of the clothes hit the floor. This girl was simply breathtaking. This is also where I discovered the teeny tiny panties, and the way the bottom of her cheeks hung out just a little. An image I can never forget. We were wild. We were intense. I was still nervous, and convinced that I was all over the place. She felt fucking amazing, and tasted even better.

Like we had invented it. It was fucking-yes- but also so much more. But that would sound too much like a dyke fairytale. It was more like an event. And we bought the only front row tickets.

Dyke Fruit | A blue jean femme dishing on lesbian love, sex, life, parenthood, culture & activism

A sold out performance. I swear fireworks went off when she came. And she returned the favor, sending a million of my nerve endings into orbit. Was she real?

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The next morning I woke up in her bed. I looked around. She was not in the room. Oh my god. The girl I had dreamed about for years. And we just had incredible sex, then held each other all night long. I was tripping. Then came the flood of self doubt. As I was starting to get dressed and prepare to drown in my sorrows somewhere else, she came into the room with a fresh cup of coffee- and placed a sweet, long kiss on my mouth. Again, that smile. Those dimples. She said she had an amazing night, she thanked me for staying over, and she asked when she could see me again.

Well believe it. That night was the first night I spent with my wife. The girl of my dreams. The girl who made me nervous and rocked my world. I write about this now because last week was the eight year anniversary of that magical night. I remember everything about it. She was adorable and sexy. She is even more adorable and sexy now. Still has the smile and the dimples.

I love this woman more and more every day. Happy anniversary, Beautiful. Tags: dating , equality , gay , lesbian , lgbt , love , romance , same sex marriage , same sex relationship , sex , women. Jun 5. If I could, I really would Catch every tear that fell.

Though I know I really should Accept that time will tell. It was a past love, It went too fast, love. I imagine her expression, As she quickly shut the door. All too clear was her rejection.

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Bath Night Revisited Ch. Unlucky at Cards, Lucky at Love? A gorgeous young woman learns the benefits of losing! Crimson and Clover Ch. A Rainy Night in London The butch of my dreams is at the bar. Part 2. Jelena Meets Jodi Jelena is a hot, lesbian player. Girlfriend's Hairdresser Girlfriend asks her beau to drop payment to the beautician.

Carla - Chapter 1

Self Esteem Ch. Blue Summerhouse In builders the get Tracy and Jack. The Graham Reunion Laura and Candis' lives collide. Rank River Rd. Fringe Benefits Airport custodian bangs faggot asses. Homecoming at the Witch's Academy A witch attends her reunion with revenge on her mind. Cheaters Black man cheats on tranny girlfried with a pussyboi.

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The Cure A journey of self discovery. Office Pet Ch. Foot Slave Ch. About my sort of age, I guessed. I did the usual survey and noted a denim jacket over a button down shirt and, lower, blue trousers tucked into black leather, knee length boots with low heels. A large hint of the butch but softened, if you get my drift? Her eyes were, gratifyingly, looking at me and not the barmaid.

She may have been looking at me but she spoke to Wajena. Why do you think I asked? Our drinks arrived and she thanked the barmaid then turned sideways so she could face me directly. I asked if she had an angelic nature and she did that grin again. Not a bad woman but no saint.

Are you saintly?

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I felt her knee hard against my own under the small table and her hand touched mine occasionally and by no means accidentally. Promising, very, in fact. The hand descended onto my knee and touched the hem of my skirt. She admired my taste in clothes, she told me and I felt her hand slide up my stockinged leg under my skirt. My legs parted and there was that smile again. The scotch had, I noted, gone, so I offered to buy her another. She was something of an enthusiast.

It was past midnight by this time. I nodded and once again followed her as she made her way across the bar to the door that led to the stairs to the flat. Angela ushered me though the door and as we ascended the stairs she probably got a fine view of my arse and stockings. I certainly did nothing to prevent it.

I waited as she opened the door and then led the way into the flat which in contrast with the bar was tidy, neatly furnished and comfortable. She closed the door and leant against it. She cocked an eyelid. I was surprised to see she was holding a strapon in her hand.

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Now, where had that come from? She grinned. I sat on the bed and watched as she removed her boots and pulled her trousers down. She was wearing pale blue panties and they came off too to reveal a dark, trimmed triangle of hair shaped as a heart. Her eyes held mine as she strapped the dildo in place, adjusting it until she was satisfied. This lady was not intending to hurry. She took off her jacket, shirt and bra as I watched and I was surprised again to see tits much larger than I had imagined; firm and pointed. Angie likes a girl dressed. One of my little kinks.

Face down, bum high please. She was clearly in the mood for the same as me, a quickie with no messing about. I lifted my arse and felt her hands running over it, then flipping my skirt over my back. Then her hands traced the shape of my arse and, deliciously, ran between my legs, stroking firmly and finding my silk panties wet, actually, very wet.

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  • I felt her pull my knickers down to my knees and then her dildo at my entrance, the hard but slippery silicone pressing gently but with determination. It overcame any slight resistance and then she was in me, her body curled over me a little, her hands under me, cupping my breasts through the silk of my camisole. The heat of her hands and the soft silk made me gasp. Her hips began a slow but relentless series of thrusts, gentle at first but I could tell from her breathing that she was getting fired up. So was I. She was good, her hips made circular motions as well as forward and back and the squeezing of my nipples combined to lift me from horny to ecstatic.

    Her hands left me and I saw them, palms down, on the bed beside me as she curled over me more and I felt like the bitch to her dog as she drove into me, her mouth now biting the skin of my neck gently. I was wrong. She kept thundering into me and when I came with a howl and an arched back she kept going, despite the fact I had slumped forward.

    Her orgasm followed but not quickly. In fact it was long enough for my second to arrive almost with it. We both came and that did matter. In the morning I woke up first and went down on her to wake her and thank her.