Guerrilla Music Marketing, Vol 4: How to Make Money & Boost Sales (Guerrilla Music Marketing Series)

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This is why certain companies take the risky route and first buy products in bulk due to discounted prices and then they implement penetration strategy. One of the more challenging segments of the market penetration strategy is to combat with your rivals. Just try to imagine, you have plentiful competitors who are desperately trying to evolve and slow you down and are stealing your customers which results in lowered profits for you.

Now following the rule of survival, your only way out is to fight and defeat them to stay at the top. For example, low initial prices will force your competitors to move to alternative strategies with changed market penetration pricing regulations. By this way, you will appeal to the lost consumers and it will render competitors on the defensive or leaving the market altogether.

Lowering the product price as you will is not always possible. Sometimes, products are costly to manufacture and tiny businesses find it difficult to survive while producing sufficiently to lower the production and price. This becomes more complicated when you have to deal with competing firms. Some firms who produce luxury products commit the silly mistake of marketing it as an inexpensive item. When your company has numerous product lines that also include a luxury line then, adopting a market penetration strategy would certainly be adverse.

For example, if you apply a particular market penetration strategy on a single product, it might badly reflect on the remaining of the product lines. For example, when prices are previously low, the consumers have by now built trust on an existing company, and thus entering that market and attempting to beat the competitor would be a highly ineffective manner of action. Rather, a new company should focus on gaining its worth in the business, by trying to create low prices of products.

However, such tactics will be applicable best when you make use of multiple ones together. The increase in reach of your product should be accompanied by a subsequent increase in your promotions. After increasing the promotion, you are bound to grow the product usage and on the other hand, attract competition from your rivals. This has been a guide to Market Penetration. Verifiable Certificates. Lifetime Access. Learn More. Your email address will not be published. Forgot Password? Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Market Penetration.

Popular Course in this category. Digital Marketing Course. SEO Course. Marketing Training Certification. Market Research Course. Business Analysis Course. View More. Comments Expanding business and this was a great article. Looking to launch a business. This is all great to consider as I work through my business plan.

Thank you for the tips. Scientific marketing is the discipline of improving ROI by analyzing and testing market data and statistics. If I conducted market research, then the more information I gathered, the more likely I am to be able to create a marketing strategy that resonates with my target audience. For florists, seasonal marketing is incredibly important. Adapt your marketing strategies for seasonal trading.

Search marketing is generating traffic and leads from appearing in search engine results. Search marketing can either use free or paid strategies. This visibility gives us the opportunity to attract potential leads that are looking to hire a copywriter. By service industry, I mean any place where a service is offered from one party to another. That could be anything from banking, accountancy and retail, through to search engine optimization, copywriting and advertising.

The 7 ps of services marketing. Maybe you have to resort to more underhand tactics. Because of the stress and pressure involved, he or she may not have time to market themselves adequately. However, marketing is still essential, since that project will end sooner or later. The upshot may be some shadow marketing. The frightening truth about shadow marketing.

Shopper marketing is designed to influence consumers at every level. Suppose you were looking to buy a new car, you went to a garage and saw a poster advertising money off of a car service. A shopper marketing cheat sheet. Are you guilty of shotgun marketing? Social marketing is marketing activities that intend to influence people to take actions that will benefit both themselves and the communities they live in. For some businesses, that might mean actually advertising products or services on social media. But for others, it could be more about generating traffic and brand awareness. By combining a cute cat doing something odd and entertaining, the video had all the key ingredients needed for a successful social media marketing campaign.

Here are the 10 laws of social media marketing. A sports marketing campaign revolves around using a sports event or team to promote a product or service. Sports marketing strategies: a game plan to win fans. Stealth marketing as a strategy. But actually, huge brands recognize the value of it too. However, come the summer, they do. Synchro marketing helps create demand during off-seasons, thus balancing the books a little. Butlins offer a huge discount to holidaymakers that book their next break at Butlins before they their current holiday ends.

What is syncho marketing? The success of a targeted marketing campaign is highly dependent on being able to reach those potential customers. Technical marketing is marketing that focuses on the key specifications and features of a product. Normally, marketing should avoid the use of jargon or inside information.

But crucially, technical marketing is designed to appeal to people with a basic technical appreciation of a product. For instance, someone buying an expensive TV may well be comfortable with technical information about picture resolution, pixel density and processing rates. Every marketer should be technical. A while back, cold calls were all about double-glazing. Test-driven marketing is all about using test results to convince consumers to buy a product or invest in a service.

The idea is that a business should attempt to identify potential objections about a product or service. Then they should run tests and use various proof elements to clarify product features and USPs. In turn, this should increase sales. Any sales page that features a large selection of FAQs indicates that a product has been tested thoroughly.

The FAQs are the results of these tests. A test-driven model for marketing success. Want to increase your ROI? Many products sink or swim depending on when a business decides to advertise them. A time marketing campaign might just revolve around using common sense, or it could use the results from time research.

Suppose a business has a Twitter account and a customer tweets to ask whether they stock a certain item. Trade marketing is any marketing approach used by manufacturers that helps promote [and ultimately sell] a product. Trade marketing will target customers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors… or a combination. Over the years, companies have advertised in print, on billboards, via flyers and through the post. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing.

Transactional marketing is marketing that focuses on increasing the efficiency and volume of individual sales [rather than on establishing and maintaining a relationship with customers]. The disadvantages of transactional marketing. Undercover marketing is using intrigue to coax interest for something. Undercover marketing is designed to tease people and tap into the human desire to know more. How to be stealth with undercover marketing. User-generated marketing can be defined as any strategy that allows consumers to participate in a marketing campaign. By creating a more interactive and engaging experience for a target audience, user-generated marketing is as much a PR exercise as anything else.

Brand safety and user-generated marketing. A vertical market is a specific market or niche, so vertical marketing is any marketing collateral that targets a particular group of people. Consider a company that produces protein shakes. Two vertical markets could be gymnasiums and health food shops. They should use different vertical marketing campaigns to get their shakes into those 2 different places.

psychological operations in guerrilla warfare Manual

How to attack a vertical market. Firstly, people love to watch videos. And secondly, technology has made watching videos incredibly easy. To put YouTube into perspective, it reaches more year-olds than any cable network in the US. There are 4billion video views on the site every day and 6 billion hours of video watched every month. Video tips, trends, strategy and best practices.

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Viral marketing is the act of having a message spread quickly through various social media networks. The aim of viral marketing is to increase brand awareness… fast. The viral marketing cheat sheet. Innocent drinks have a very well defined brand voice that resonates well with their target audience. Word-of-mouth marketing is when happy customers recommend a brand, product or service without the business doing anything. And, because their products are so good, this combination makes people happy and gets them talking. With a distinct logo and a polished image, Beats by Dre do a great job of marketing their headphones to the youth market:.

Marketing to youth globally. Regardless, I hope this piece has been useful and has provided clarity. Use it to create unique marketing efforts for your business. What an information-jammed list, Matt! Wish this would've been around when I first started out in marketing :. Haha, I know the feeling, Camilla. Me too! Thanks for taking the time to leave the comment. Very informative! You have covered different types of marketing with really good examples. Thanks for sharing a great source of information. Hi Matt! I work in content marketing over at Repsly.

We love this post and refer to it often. Thanks again for the great piece. Great, really glad to hear it's been a useful piece for you guys. Thanks Elise. My eyes aren't accepting this. Too many varieties marketing explained with great examples. Thanks a lot, Matt. Thanks, again.. Aw, thanks Liz. Took an absolute age to put together, so I really appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks for taking the time to comment. This is such a fantastic list! Thanks for publishing it. I wanted to let you know I quoted you in post I wrote on Medium.

Can't believe I actually read everything! Good job on putting this list together, thanks Matt! Thanks matt for sharing this with us. Privacy Cookies Sitemap. A whopping types of marketing described, demystified and debunked. Written by Matt Press. Has it ever occurred to you quite how many types of marketing there are? Above the line [ATL] marketing What is above the line marketing? Above the line marketing is using mass media to market to a wide audience. The strength of above the line marketing is potential reach; the downside is often relevancy.

Need above the line marketing examples? The clearest example of above the line marketing is a Super Bowl TV commercial. Account-based marketing What is account-based marketing? Need account-based marketing examples? Hotjar is a company that sells website analytics software. What about account-based marketing resources? Affiliate marketing What is affiliate marketing? Need affiliate marketing examples? Fancy promoting a BBQ? What about affiliate marketing resources?

Affinity marketing What is affinity marketing? Need affinity marketing examples? What about affinity marketing resources? Agile marketing What is agile marketing? Need agile marketing examples? Specsavers wasted no time in sending out an amusing ad that referenced the bizarre incident. What about agile marketing resources? Alliance marketing What is alliance marketing? The difference with alliance marketing is that the collaboration runs deeper.

Need alliance marketing examples? Alliance marketing is why you see a car wash at a garage, or a Costa at Waterstones. Some partnerships just make perfect business sense. What about alliance marketing resources? Ambush marketing What is ambush marketing? Need ambush marketing examples? Tennis fans might remember that Heineken was the official beer sponsor of the US Open. What about ambush marketing resources? Article marketing What is article marketing? Need article marketing examples? Augmented marketing What is augmented marketing?

Need augmented marketing examples? What about augmented marketing resources? Behavioral marketing What is behavioral marketing? Typically, behaviors that trigger a certain marketing message would be when someone: Clicks on a link. Visits a certain web page. Downloads a PDF. Buys something. Shares or likes a post on social media Need behavioral marketing examples? What about behavioral marketing resources? Below the line [BTL] marketing What is below the line marketing? Need below the line marketing examples? In general, network marketers throw intimate product parties. What about below the line marketing resources?

Black hat marketing What is black hat marketing? Black hat marketing is the general term for unethical SEO tactics. Need black hat marketing examples? What about black hat marketing resources? Brand marketing What is brand marketing? Brand marketing is the concept of marketing an identity [and not a product or service]. Need brand marketing examples? Brick and mortar marketing What is brick and mortar marketing? Quite simply, brick and mortar marketing is any form of marketing that exists in a retail shop. Need brick and mortar marketing examples?

Most stores market special promotions on just about every shelf. What about brick and mortar marketing resources? Quite simply, B2B marketing happens when one business markets a product or service to another. Need B2B marketing examples? W hat about B2B marketing resources? Nee d B2C marketing examples? What about B2C marketing resources? Business to people [B2P] marketing What is business to people marketing? Really, B2P is more about your attitude towards marketing.

Need business to people marketing examples? But when we speak to potential clients, we keep things simple. We don't use techie terms and jargons. Ultimately, it all comes down to people. What about business to people resources? Buzz marketing What is buzz marketing? Need buzz marketing examples? Apple is great at buzz marketing.

What about buzz marketing resources? Call Centre marketing What is call centre marketing? Need call centre marketing examples? If they felt that cold calling was their best play, they face a couple of problems. One solution is to use a call centre to cold call people for you. This is call centre marketing. What about call centre marketing resources? Call-to-action [CTA] marketing What is call-to-action marketing? Typically, this action would lead to the user entering a sales funnel. Need call-to-action examples?

You can see call-to-action marketing on the majority of websites. The option to 'read more' is a type of call-to-action. What about call-to-action marketing resources? Catalogue marketing What is catalogue marketing? Catalogue marketing is the act of using a catalogue to showcase products or services. Need catalogue marketing examples? Cause marketing What is cause marketing? Need cause marketing examples? Reebok has teamed up with Avon What about cause marketing resources? Celebrity marketing What is celebrity marketing?

Celebrity marketing is getting a celebrity to endorse a product. Need celebrity marketing examples? Channel marketing What is channel marketing? Need channel marketing examples? What about channel marketing resources? Close range marketing [CRM] What is close range marketing?

Also known as proximity marketing [number ], close range marketing is a very modern strategy. Need close range marketing examples? Closed loop marketing What is closed loop marketing? Need closed loop marketing examples? What about closed loop marketing resources? Cloud marketing What is cloud marketing? Today, businesses are able to surface the same marketing message in multiple places.

Need cloud marketing examples? What about cloud marketing resources? Need communal marketing examples? What about communal marketing resources? Community marketing What is community marketing? Need community marketing examples? What about community marketing resources? Computational marketing What is computational marketing? Computational marketing uses computer technology to make marketing more efficient.

That reduces the success of the algorithm substantially. Need computational marketing examples? What about computational marketing resources? Concentrated marketing What is concentrated marketing? Need concentrated marketing examples? What about concentrated marketing resources? Consumer marketing What is consumer marketing? Need consumer marketing examples? Take a look around. What about consumer marketing resources? Content marketing What is content marketing? Need content marketing examples?

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Does it advertise any of their products? Contextual marketing What is contextual marketing? Need contextual marketing examples? Two such contextual marketing techniques are SEO and retargeting. What about contextual marketing resources? Conversational marketing What is conversational marketing? Those conversations allow brands to market themselves in a more meaningful, impactful manner. Need conversational marketing examples? Conversion rate marketing What is conversion rate marketing? Need conversion rate marketing examples?

The success of any PPC strategy depends on the conversion rate of the campaign in question. What about conversion rate marketing resources? Cooperative marketing What is cooperative marketing? Cooperative marketing happens when 2 or more companies team up to sell a product or service. Need cooperative marketing examples? What about cooperative marketing resources? Corporate marketing What is corporate marketing? Corporate marketing is about marketing [and managing] brand perception. Need corporate marketing examples? What about corporate marketing resources? Usually, that means print, email, mobile and online.

Suppose you want to order a pizza. What about cross media marketing resources? Cultural marketing What is cultural marketing? This is the most effective type of marketing segmentation. Need cultural marketing examples? What about cultural marketing resources? Data marketing What is data marketing?

Need data marketing examples? What about data marketing resources? Database marketing What is database marketing? Need database marketing examples?

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  7. I have a Sky TV subscription. More specifically, I have a Sky Sports subscription. De-marketing What is de-marketing? Normally, this happens in a retail environment. Need de-marketing examples? What about de-marketing resources? Defensive marketing What is defensive marketing? Perhaps a company has seen a new rival emerge. Need defensive marketing examples? For a long time, Sky TV had a monopoly on English football. This is defensive marketing at its best. What about defensive marketing resources?

    Differential marketing What is differential marketing? Need differential marketing examples? Some of the customers will want sports channels in their package; others will crave movies. Digital marketing What is digital marketing? Need digital marketing examples? What about digital marketing resources? Direct marketing What is direct marketing? Need direct marketing examples? Direct mail marketing What is direct mail marketing? Direct mail marketing is communicating with audiences via flyers and letters through the post.

    Companies will usually send marketing collateral to a particular demographic. Need direct mail marketing examples? Need disruptive marketing examples? What about disruptive marketing resources? Diversity marketing What is diversity marketing? Diversity marketing is more commonly known as ethnic marketing. Need diversity marketing examples? Door-to-door marketing What is door-to-door marketing? Need door-to-door marketing examples? Double-glazing is one of the commodities most commonly associated with door-to-door marketing. What about door-to-door marketing resources? Drip marketing What is drip marketing?

    Need drip marketing examples? What about drip marketing resources? Ecommerce marketing What is ecommerce marketing? Ecommerce marketing can take place online and offline. Need ecommerce marketing examples? What about ecommerce marketing resources? Email marketing What is email marketing? Email marketing is marketing your brand to a group of prospects. Need email marketing examples? Entrepreneurial marketing What is entrepreneurial marketing? Entrepreneurial marketing is about sole individuals executing mainstream marketing strategies.

    Instead, they must try to get the results they need with more innovative methods. Need entrepreneurial marketing examples? What about entrepreneurial resources? Ethnic marketing What is ethnic marketing? Need ethnic marketing examples? What about ethnic marketing resources? Evangelism marketing What is evangelism marketing? Need evangelism marketing examples?

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    Apple has a seemingly endless supply of brand evangelists. What about evangelism marketing resources? Event marketing What is event marketing? Need event marketing examples? What about event marketing resources? Expeditionary marketing What is expeditionary marketing? Expeditionary marketing describes the concept of marketing for growth. Bothare killed easily by bad backgrounds.

    Readability is enhanced by contrast. Also, using a patterned background is always guaranteed to confuse areader. By far the most common background mistake in music sites, though, is the use ofa black background. Such a mistake is partially redeemable by using white text forhigh contrast. However, if you believe your content is valuable enough for visitorsto print, you should stick to black or dark-colored text on a white background. What about feedback forms and contact information? The best way to make your site totally impersonal is to use feedback forms. Though mostly used on big sites, like Spin and Q, smaller sites are also frequentabusers of the form.

    You should be worried about makingthings easier for the visitor, not yourself. Instead of using forms, just supply youre-mail address. In addition to providing a contact name, title and e-mail address, be sure to makeyour contact information perfectly clear. How will you know about problems with your site, like typos, errorsand technical problems? Contact information should be up front and complete. How important is it to update a music site? Check the copyright date at music news sites.

    You want to hear something really sad? Some music sites offer news withoutdates. Make sure your visitors know hownew your news is. Any final tips on user-friendly music sites? This last one is more about attitude. Give them a reason tokeep showing up. Web design is a multi-faceted topic. Here are several online resources to help you register, host, designand operate a successful web site:To register a domain name …Go Daddywww. Music Biz Website Prowww.

    Write down your top five long-term goals What keywords do fans use to find music like yours online? Section 3Guerrilla MusicPublicity - 75 -. How dull. How boring. No wonder so many artists gorunning for the hills at the mere mention of having to promote their music. What follows is a list of creative, low-cost ideas and techniques you can start usingright away to market your music.

    Read these tips. Think about them.

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    Play withthem. Have some fun with them. But, most importantly, put them into action …starting today!

    Market Penetration

    Musicmagazines get dozens of these ho-hum announcements every day. However, thedebut release from an Iraq War veteran or a guy who once got punched by SeanPenn might catch the attention of a music editor. Lesson: Always be on the lookout for fresh news hooks related to your music andthen hammer them home to the media. The Aquarian Weeklyplastered its cover with the news item and filled up two full pages inside dealingwith the issue.

    Have you received a letter from a public figure? Could you write to someone well-known and request that they write a brief note about your music? Another option: When a famous author comes to your town for a book signing This is a smart ploy. Most musicians celebrate when they get the media to cover them. And then stop. These band members, on the other hand, used their success with television to lurethe print media into also giving them a plug.

    Why not use this cross-media technique with radio and Internet media sourcestoo? Use every achievement as a stepping stone to your next marketing move. Frank, who fronts the Bay area band Mr. It seems Frankwas all set to attend graduate school at Harvard when he changed course to forma punk band instead. If so, how can you squeeze some media exposure out of it? What awful things have happened to you lately? And how can you turn thesenegatives into a newsworthy advantage for you and your music? Each month featured a photo of a different act withhumorous events that happened to each band on various dates.

    Could you use thisangle for your band? Do youhave a unique way of presenting yourself that could be turned into a news item? What worthy cause could you support? Does your CD have a noteworthy theme? If not,could you give it one? The media gathered and got photos and videoof the rappers sweating to the sounds of their new single. Now come up with your own news hooks. And remember, have fun doing it!

    Feature stories and record reviews are great —and you should pursue these avenues of media coverage regularly. But what mostmusic marketers overlook are the great opportunities that exist with music gossipcolumns, scene reports, industry updates, studio news, and more. Reality: Every week, thousands of magazines, newspapers, web sites, blogs andfanzines around the world need to fill certain sections with short, music-relateditems of interest. How foolish. What follows is a list of column blurbs I found while flipping through only a fewregional music papers.

    If so, shareit with the media. Any special occasion — no matter howtrivial it may seem to you — can be leveraged into a reason for a columnist to giveyou a plug. Combining your efforts with other bands, record labels or agroup of sponsors — and adding a theme — opens the door to more exposure. Consideryour label, distribution company, charity, studio — whatever — as a prime candidatefor coverage. Now start thinking. Start writing down your ideas. Start getting exposure! More creative music marketing ideas16 Canadian entertainment lawyer Ryan Richardson works with a bandcalled Leaderdogs for the Blind, which released an album called Lemonade.

    Across the country, radio program directors and DJs apparently fought overwho was going to keep the tasty beverage, and the singles ended up charting. But not forthe Leaderdogs.

    Marketing deck jobs

    It worked well to reinforce the name of the song. Not sure what creative marketing strategy to try next? Try this Sit down right now with a pen and notebook. Start brainstorming onevery possible angle for a creative hook. Consider the name of your band, the titleof your new CD, maybe even the subject matter of individual songs.

    Also thinkabout current events and good causes you feel strongly about. Youmight be surprised by the great ideas you uncover. Instead, create the circumstances you desire bytaking matters into your own hands. Nowhere is this more powerful than with music events you conceive and organizewith other people. To illustrate the point, here are some possible avenues topursue Throw a listening party.

    Gather together a group of bands and artists whohave put out new CDs recently. Then ask for a date to hold a new music listening party. You could also offer free or cheap food and drinks and discounted prices toanyone who wanted to buy any of the CDs that night. It would be best to promotethis as a safe, quick musical buffet for consumers who want to sample local musicwithout having to hop from one beer-soaked club to another. I wish more bands used this concept. Sure, you couldpresent an acoustic performance or songwriters circle with other musicians at anightclub or record store.

    The format works … but a lot of artists have done thesame thing. It would be more interesting to take an extra step and stage anacoustic show at an unexpected venue. Possibilities: art galleries, skate shops, hip clothing stores, recreation centers,shopping malls, New Age retailers, bookstores, etc. Once again, get a number of other acoustic acts on the bill and make sure themanager of the location is committed to actively promoting the event. Come upwith a newsworthy theme and — combined with the offbeat location — you mighthave a nice angle with which to lure the media into covering it.

    You can also contact the organizers of already establishedevents and ask if you could help them add a musical element. That way, they lookgood and you get exposure. Think about the many annual events in your region. Which ones would benefit from your talents and creativity? Many artists and labels dothis during major music conferences such as South by Southwest.

    Sneak into media exposure through the side door22 New Age artist Laurie Z was interviewed on a syndicated radio showcalled Tech Talk which is also broadcast on the Internet. The program featurespeople who use modern technology in various fields. The main thing to note in this example is that a musical act is getting mediaexposure on a non-music show — a valuable lesson for us all.

    Here are some possible angles for different genres A jazz musician could hook up with a psychologist or music therapist todiscuss the stress-reduction benefits of mellow jazz music. Do you know way too much about theBeatles? Or Elvis? Or some other musical niche? Bottom line: You no doubt have many media exposure angles you have yet touse to your advantage. Now is the time to uncover them and put them to use! Still more music marketing tips to consider Keep in touch with your contacts. Make sure that at least once a monthyour fans and industry contacts get a phone call, post card, e-mail, or other newoffering from you.

    Are you staying in touch with these people now? Your goalshould be to regularly put your name and musical identity into the minds of thepeople who are in a position to support you. Tip: Come up with a schedule that would accomplish more frequent contact withthe people who matter most to your career. Add this to your monthly calendar.

    Listen to the music-related things peoplecomplain about, and then provide a solution to their problem. For instance,members of the Chicago band Cool Beans heard music fans complaining about allof the negative, angst-ridden lyrics in modern rock songs. There is nothing wrong with indie artists putting review quotes and testimonialsfrom happy fans on the back of CD sleeves. Just be picky about which ones you - 82 -.

    Conclusion: Ultimate success in music comes as a result of the small steps youtake consistently on a daily basis. Pick something covered in this chapter everyday and put it to use. Doing so will earn you more fans, more notoriety, and moreclout It can exist in the physical world or sit virtually on a web site. Whatever you call it and whatever form it takes, this collection of music marketingtools will help you get more gigs, media exposure, radio airplay, industryattention, and more.

    However, I should also remind you that over 95 percent of the press kits sent outby bands and record labels end up in the trash can both the real world and onlineversions. They are hastily thrown together without much thought or purposebehind them. I know this with certainty because for 10 years I published a music magazine inthe Midwest.

    Action step: To make sure a lot more of your press kits are actually read andacted upon, please consider the following tips — what I consider to be the 29 mostimportant elements of a successful promo package. Soak up this advice and put it to use right away! Cover LetterAny time you submit a press kit, it should be accompanied with a cover letter orintroductory e-mail written to a human being at a publication, radio station,booking agency, record label, etc. This first element of your kit serves the all-important purpose of intriguing the recipient and spelling out the reasons he or sheshould bother looking through the rest of the kit.

    If the rest of the itemsin your press kit are neatly presented in a folder which is a good idea , the coverletter should be paper-clipped to the outside of the front cover. Lengthy, rambling cover letters ande-mails get set aside or thrown away. Make your pitch quickly Instead, use it to show therecipient that you understand his or her position and the problems he or she faces. Then briefly describe why your musical story provides a solution and helps meethis or her needs. If he or she has requested your material, make that very clear. Commit this tip to memory: Write like you talk.

    You mustwrite your cover letter intelligently. People in the music business want to connectwith other humans, not survey a document that reads like a college term paper. You should always have one or two major points, at most, to make in your coverletter. Take the most important point and repeat it in a P. I know your readers appreciate being exposed to new trends inmusic.

    Please call me atthe number above for more details. Typical subjects include a new CD release, a special upcomingshow, or a personal appearance at a record store. News releases can also alert themedia about upcoming TV show appearances, when a band reaches a noteworthyradio or sales chart status, info on a departing or new band member, etc.

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a news release: - 86 -. Lay out the important facts swiftly and simply. It should cover only one sliver of youractivities. Craft a separate news release for each topic. If you can do that in an interesting way, gofor it. One or two pages at the most isplenty of space to share your musical life. But I do like to discover those things as I read an interestingtale about your music.

    If there is another party involved in yourstory such as a nightclub, charity or record store , get quotes from a person at - 87 -. Weaving in positive quotes from published reviews is alsoacceptable within a bio. However,crossing the line and being too boastful can work against you. Many small publications may runsome or all of your bio as an article.

    Most people who run music publications,e-zines and blogs are overworked and underpaid. And there is always a shortageof well-written material to run. Recorded MusicYour goal with media people is similar to your goal with fans. You want to motivatethem to take the time to listen to your music. Listening to — and then enjoying —your songs is what turns casual listeners into diehard fans and indifferent editorsinto media cheerleaders for your music. Follow the suggestions in this section toimprove your chances of getting your music heard by the media.

    And for all the obvious reasons: sound quality, convenience, and the ease ofcueing up individual tracks. So you can imagine how thrilled overworked media people are whenthey have to awkwardly skip through a tape to get a feel for a new release. Note: If you think everyone receiving your press kit is going to play yourrecording all the way through, guess again. Most of them will breeze through it todetermine if your album is worth a more in-depth listening. CDs make this processinfinitely easier.