Kingdom Dynamics Of The Apostolic Community

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The end is now unfolding.

Apostolic Church: Entering Apostolic Ministry

The first detailed account of the development of an apostolic network is found in Acts , when Paul and Barnabas were returning from their initial trip, going through the cities they had previously evangelized, appointing elders and committing the churches to the Lord in prayer and fasting. It can be understood that this process included instructions being given and apostolic authority being exercised.

After the trip was completed Paul and Barnabas went back to Antioch, their sending apostolic base.

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Even though Paul remained the central figure of the movement, more and more apostles were added, having either been trained with Paul or having arrived from other journeys. Local churches multiplied and appeared everywhere. As they continued developing, not without growing pains, true apostolic centres were formed that had a strong influence that reached beyond their own borders. Corinth and Ephesus are examples of this, or even Thessalonica that became a model to all the believers in the provinces of Macedonia and Achaia.

Today the times have changed, but the original pattern is still relevant. Just as the seven mountains that influence society are not stand-alone hills, apostolic centres cannot afford the luxury of existing independently from one another. Having a global vision is one of the characteristic of apostles, and apostolic centres must carry that same DNA. In a very practical way the apostles choosing to align with this vision are called to develop as many networks as the spheres and capacities the Lord has given them allow.

Depending on whether they are a residing or itinerant apostle 14 , our role is to either help them transform their local church into an apostolic centre or to help them develop their own network.

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The picture I foresee is a proliferation of networks interacting with each other producing a power grid for territorial governance. This outburst of rage was fueled by much deeper concerns than the economic losses of a declining pagan temple industry. It was a direct response to the advance of the kingdom of God in that city. The apostolic centre Paul was establishing in Ephesus had become an unbearable challenge to the spiritual forces ruling that area.

The whole riot was nothing but a staged contention for territorial dominion. There are no two ways around this one. To gain spiritual authority in any region you need cohesion in the camp. This remains, above anything else, the greatest task of the apostles in our day and age. If this work is not done properly we will keep seeing a dysfunctional body of believers trying to fulfill a mission that is way beyond its grasp. The nations will watch the pathetic attempts of divided members trying to achieve what only coordinated efforts could ever have a chance of accomplishing.

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Without the proper linking of apostolic centres and networks, there is no global structure to receive the orders of the king and to implement them with strategic order. Instead of a fit and well proportioned body we end up with a few supersized ministries that are poorly connected to a weak and random collection of scattered local churches.

I can foresee apostles of healthy spiritual families being in relationships with each other, well surrounded by prophetic companies, taking the blueprints delivered from heaven and putting together global implementation operations to redeem the time, set the captives free and reshape our cultures. Entire regions and nations will be restructured as we align ourselves with a cohesive and corporate apostolic leadership.

This functional rearrangement of the decision mechanisms will require much more than the occasional round table discussion. Whenever we consider the mountains shaping our society 18 , we realize that the real impact they have is not so much dependent on the height or strength of any single one of them taken individually, but rather on the singleness of purpose linking them into a range. As apostolic centres continue to develop, not only will we keep sending more and more gifted individuals to exercise a growing influence on specific mountains, but we will see the emergence of new breeds of centres moving away from the traditional location on the religion mountain and migrating towards other mountain peaks.

The apostolic mandate to link together centres and networks operating on the various mountains will give birth to a renewed spiritual landscape of mountain ranges. As we see the emergence of this geographical alignment, there will be a synergy of the gifts operating with focus and efficiency, reflecting God ordained governmental authority for spiritual transformation of whole cities and regions. Whole movements were birthed, as a new breed of revivalists rose up, who refused to accept the current state of society, with all its social and moral injustices.

These revivalists started on a journey to either confront the systems ruling at the top of the mountains of influence or to infiltrate them; in both cases, displacement of the kingdoms of this world by the kingdom of God has been the goal.


But the action of these groups of new revivalists has, for the most part, not been able to be embraced within the traditional wineskins of our local churches. Even the emerging apostolic movement, still young and in a formative period, has been struggling to unfold its wings outside of the confined space of comfortable and safe Christianity. But there is a new development on the horizon. The transformation of traditional local churches into apostolic centres changes the whole paradigm. Apostles, surrounded by apostolic teams, can now activate and release the saints to impact their cities and regions in every sphere of society.

These apostolic bases are becoming major agents of change, gaining influence, favour and authority to reshape the world we live in. More than ever before, each of these centres will become a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. Networks will multiply, but instead of acting independently, they will develop interdependently. Apostles and prophets, linked together and solidly grounded on Jesus, will carry a tremendous authority to legislate in the heavenlies and order the decrees of God to be enforced on the earth.

More than a revival, this will be a kingdom being prepared for the Lord. An Apostolic Blueprint for the 21st Century. And the church is not here to talk about Christ, but to reveal him.

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Daniel In this present apostolic paradigm shifting, there is the further consideration of three important words ending with the "ift" as in "Lift. Shift - To move or transfer from one place or position to a nother - a change from one individual, configuration, direction, form, or position to another. Sift - To put through a sieve or another straining device in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles.

To distinguish as if separating from a sieve. To examine carefully and closely. It simply carries the idea of "passing through. Swift - Moving or capable of moving with great speed. Coming, occurring, or accomplished quickly - "Behold, I come Quickly! When there are true core values and beliefs in places, it releases a new momentum, but bear in mind, we are ascribing true Spiritual momentum to HIS doing, HIS operation, and to HIS designs Not of works less any man should boast There is the straining through God's divine instruments of process, a people prepared for the Father's unlimited glory to walk out this life-giving and life-changing nature right here on earth.

Internal states are being realigned to HIS eternal state so that we can function with focus in an external world. In the principles of the present apostolic paradigm shifting here again we reference the word "swift. I wish we had time to discuss this in a further way. Here, the church brings kingdom influence in the midst of the flickering flames and debris of Babylon.

New Apostolic Reformation

It is here where we execute kingdom purpose and governing authority in all of the world systems, witnessing alignment to HIS kingdom in all spheres and phases of life. As in mandated authority the saints posses the kingdom. Historically, Babylon is fallen, but in mentality today, it must be renounced! Apostolic Paradigm Shifting and Sifting in the understanding of the nature of the church, the saints, and the body of Christ :.

Church as we know it can sometimes be a colloquial trip. We need to define properly what the church is and what it is not. In Acts , 40, the riotous mob assembled together, and there was nothing holy about it. In all of the quarrel and dissension of many, they leave the exact same way or worse than the way they had came together. According to Ephesians , we are quickened, raised, and seated together with Christ.

This principle also reveals the purpose of the corporate anointing, reaffirming the same thing which takes place in our transformation into the Last Adam. Isaiah ; 1 Corinthians When the Lord sees a city or region, he sees but one church, or assembly, one purpose, and one progressive vision, not scattered and disembodied entities - Isaiah Are we in right revelation, right relocation, and right relationship?

What is it producing, what are we becoming, and where is it taking us? A corporate and compound anointing A true vision comes from the Lord, not from mental assent or the conjecture of the soul - Ezekiel Leaders must admit that they themselves are not alone given as examples to the appointed assemblages of the Spirit, but are a part of the regional summonings, the Kahal Jehovah, the calling of the assembly for their region.

For again, God has but one purpose and one vision for the region you are in. We do not have time to go deeply into this Note the five important principles of coming together in unity. God calls the meeting, we respond to the Kahal Jehovah There is the sound of weeping between the porch and the altar, elders, assembly God is doing an inside work within us, perhaps this here references the apostolic sifting